Sunday, 18 March 2018


I auditioned for a music contest in 2006. I was then a 200 level student, studying Geology in Delta State University, Abraka. Although I was a Geology student, I spent most of my time in the Music department. I wanted to study music but got a resounding NO from my family.

As regards the musical contest, thirty six musically talented youths were selected and I was privileged to be part of them. I entered the competition as a singer, guitarist and keyboardist.

It was a reality TV show and so the 36 of us were put in a house named FAME LAND. Daily, we were given daunting musical tasks which we had to present to the general public to gain votes.

Then a time came when we were asked to form 6 bands. I went through 4 groupings before I finally settled with the D'accord band. Everyone wanted that female instrumentalist in their line-up. But I had to be in only 1 band.

The game began when I discovered that my band lacked a bassist. We had 3 singers. I didn't need to sing. Then a drummer, a keyboardist and then I was on the lead guitar.

Whenever I listened to the bass sound coming from other bands, my heart skipped a beat. I knew I had to do something. So I began to think! After a while of serious thinking, an idea came.

I approached a bassist in another band for lessons and he gladly agreed to teach me. It was my first time to take bass lessons. I was nervous. Although I knew the last 4 strings of the lead guitar matched the 4 string bass, I never thought of playing single notes. Besides, the bass guitar was super heavy. My hands went sore every time I carried It, even with a strap.

To cut the long story short, 3 bands were evicted and it was a few days to the finals. I had 3 days to learn a new instrument and practice all the songs we were to present during the finals.

I was overwhelmed! But who would I complain to? I had my eyes on the prize so I didn't mind doing vigil rehearsals while my band members slept.

On the day of the finals all the bands presented their songs. When I heard the songs of the other bands, I gave up on the winning prize. Votes came in and the winner was announced. I was pleasantly surprised! My band won!

For the next few months, I couldn't dare to walk on the streets. Hugs from strangers and my name flying all over the place. I was wowed! The love was awesome. Everyone spoke about the girl on low cut who played the bass.

Some mentioned that I inspired them to pick up the guitar. Honestly, I couldn't understand why because there were better instrumentalists on the show.

Anyway, the winning band was sponsored to perform at the MOBO awards. We were also featured on the Star Trek and Star Mega Jam 2006 shows alongside Naija music stars, Akon and LL Cool J. It was all fame, fortune and fun.

It's over 10 years now and I am putting materials together to help upcoming musicians achieve the same and even more. So when I tell this story to my clients, I want to clearly bring out strong principles that will help musicians achieve the full potential of their calling.

This is my pick:


What other lessons/ principles can you extract from this story?

Meanwhile enjoy my video cover of Redemption Song by the legendary Bob Marley

Saturday, 17 March 2018


Singing or listening to your favourite songs brings an instant flow of joy into your heart. It is a therapy in itself. Have you ever witnessed a stadium capacity crowd singing the chorus of a hit song being live-performed by a popular artiste? That's epic mutual energy build-up! You can just imagine the effect of thousands of lifted hearts. Healing is bound to take place even without prayer! You may wonder what my point is. Come along with me folks!

Most singers really don't know the amount of power and influence associated with their profession. So they go about their business in a lackadaisical manner - not caring to invest in the further development of their singing craft,

Every singer ought to embark on a personal project to improve their singing talent and set up a good marketing plan that will promote their brand - make you seen, heard and get paid. You to need to put in the work required to give you that outstanding edge. Remember, the music industry is crowded with millions of talented folks and you want to stand out and be noticed!

More so, pay attention to the many pieces that need to be brought together into bringing forth the great achievements you seek in your music career. Your success in music is tied to making intelligent and timely moves. If you really want earn like Tiwa Savage, with a mindset of the club singer, it's gonna take many long years to lord your industry! Successful singers are not just lucky stars but hardworkers.

Remember the popular phrase; no pain, no gain? It is a strong determinant of all music industry progress and all progress in life. Only by some miracle involving the divine will you have gain without pain; and I tell you, this is not common. So if you are sure music is for you, brace up and let me take you on a little cruise.

I started singing to an audience quite early in life and I have sang in all settings you can think of - from school concerts, choir, competitions, weddings, parties, club, studio, corporate events to the international music scene. I started out at age six, singing the best I could (while regularly cracking my voice as a result of bad technique); but started receiving payment at 23! Long hard 17 years right? I know. The knowledge gathered through that time is paying off big time today. Not everyone will spend 17 years getting ready for the real deal but timings of different people will vary widely, more or less. Enjoy your developmental process.

The good news today is that you don't have to spend 17 long years before you start earning big in music. With the information I will share with you, a much less grinding time is guaranteed! Come along with me and I will show you how I beat all my singing limitations and created a 6 - Figure music business for myself.

The defining moment of my singing career crept up when I decided to invest in my career development. I enrolled to study music with a number of teachers. The moment I found my choice voice teacher, within a short while, miracles started happening! The voice cracks subsided, short breaths disappeared, high notes became much easier and fun to sing and my stage confidence skyrocketed!

It makes me want to feel like I should have started taking lessons earlier. But like they say, it's better late than never. Those years of grinding and moving in circles though!
It is very easy for singers to think that voice lessons are unnecessary because they already sing. You hear statements like: even though I have vocal cracks and my voice gets tired sometimes, I can still hit high notes, I've got a beautiful tone, my vibrato is epic, and all that. I also used to wallow in these beliefs. Simply poor standards!

With voice lessons, I discovered that my vocal limits were pushed off and I could hit even higher notes effortlessly, and sing correctly with proper vocal technique, saving my voice all the cracks and fatigue it was initially exposed to. My vocal range grew to be exceptional, enabling me to sing a wider variety of materials.

This earned me more singing jobs at different corporate events and wedding occasions. My vocal delivery during voiceovers and studio recordings received applause and praises from producers and directors. That meant more money for me. What more could I ask for?

More so, as my singing improved, other professional singers looked out for and connected with me. You know that good feeling you get about yourself when top brands who are able to get you jobs and link you up with the right contacts, connect with you. Check out my Instagram @leeelliemusic for some nice throwback pictures with Naija's superstars.
Moving forward, as regards upcoming artistes, I get asked a very mind-bugging question. Yes, it bugs my mind. Here it is:


And my honest and consistent answer is:

To the best of my knowledge, they do not get you to your final destination.

You may find some decent lessons online but I can assure you that email and blog tips or YouTube videos alone WILL NOT help you become a trained singer. They are good for an introduction and not enough.

Feels more like solving Mathematical problems using a book and without a physical tutor. You follow the given steps, get the work done, only to flip to the back page to discover almost all your answers are incorrect. Without a teacher as a guide, you keep getting it wrong and you wonder why. 

This is similar to your singing. Since there are no answers to check with while you sing, it makes it worse. You may injure your vocal cords by using the wrong technique in singing. Hence, you need a singing teacher to help you get things right.

So going down to getting singing lessons for free is a no-no option unless you have a relative who is good at singing and is willing to teach you. No free singing lessons take you to the level of a professional singer; don't be deceived!

Vocal coaches have put in time, work, energy and other resources to master their art so they could teach singing and make a livelihood out of it. Imagine if they gave free lessons to everyone. How would they survive?

This leaves singers with the options of depending on online free singing tips for many years to come OR YOU CAN DECIDE TO RULE YOUR WORLD AND EMBRACE YOUR DREAMS INTENTIONALLY!

Who alaroro epp? If singing is what you want to do, waste no time to save up and invest in your future. Pay for a singing course and work with a teacher; and you won't have to go in circles for years. In fact, you only need six months of consistent singing classes and practice and you are in your way to mega stardom!

I am certain that not everyone has got the kind of money professional singing education demands. You may be needing between N300, 000 and N500, 000 for a decent online singing program which will involve working one-on-one with a vocal coach.
But I hereby offer you the LEE ELLIE ONLINE SINGING COURSE, designed to help you develop the full potential of your voice, teach you how to launch out as a musical artiste and show you how to earn big from your singing talent.

Items included in this course are:

1. A vocal warm-up audio and video program.
2. Book 1 - Overcoming Your Singing Challenges by Laura Etemah.
3. Book 2 - How to Build a Career in Singing and Become a Six Figure Earner in Music Business by Laura Etemah.
4. Group masterclasses in my Facebook group - Vocal Champion Mastermind VIP group via this link -
5. One-on-one WhatsApp video/audio/ chat class via +2348137107137

It’s the only complete course that, for a limited time, is discounted to just N25,000. It is quite simply the most affordable full singing course available right now. Plus, Laura, who teaches the course, is the winner of the Star Quest music reality TV show, 2006, NYSC honours award winner, 2011 and the first African woman to bag a masters in music production from one of the world's leading universities, Leeds Beckett University, UK; so the best is what you will get!

Step into your musical awesomeness today! Contact +2348137107137 via WhatsApp to chat Laura for more information.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Don't Give Up on Your Hustle - A Letter to Upcoming Artistes

A word, they say, is enough for the wise. But most recently, not just a word is enough; a multitude of words are required to address the people of wisdom. More so, the same message has to be addressed over and over again for a deeper understanding. Come with me, let me take you on a journey of reality that will make the truth about the entertainment industry clear to you.

Maybe you are one of those supertalented folks who have written a bunch of market-friendly songs or you are a dude with great musical ears and fingers that can fiddle on multi-instruments. You may even that that folk who creates dope beats just by listening to the chorus of an unfinished song or you may be that diva whose voice is capable of breaking a glass.

Are you sitting down somewhere watching colleagues who are not half as talented as you are pulling off great stuff and making waves in the entertainment industry; and then wondering why you are not having the same swell time? Worry less for now is the time to get things right.

Many people agree that the difference between a successful artiste and an unsuccessful one is INFORMATION. Yes, this applies to a great extent. But my observation and research findings proves this wrong. There are a whole lot of folks out there with big dreams of becoming megastars in music...these same guys have all the information they need to succeed. But they are still stuck in one place!

This is why I have come to conclude that information is not the only ingredient needed to achieve success in life and career. What then could be the missing spice? Or maybe spices? ACTION. Of what use is a great idea without the willingness to carry it out? No action, no product. Remember, before you can hit it big, you need a product (song or musical skill) that people are crazy about.

Hence, to get started on a profitable music career, as a singer for example, you may want to start with a plan which contains your big picture and the process you have to follow to attain it. A simple sequence goes thus:

Voice training - learn an instrument - do cover songs - songwriting - record a single (demo) - record single proper - massive song promotion - video shoot...and so forth.

You need to work towards getting your songs out and promoting them on your social media handles. This will help you to Build a FAN BASE which is what record labels will look out for before signing you on. Besides this, there are many websites where your song downloads can be monetized. You need to upload your songs on these sites for instant cash!

Amongst the websites you want to upload your songs to are:

* notjustok
* naijastalkers
* naijapals
* zioniteblog
* hypecelebrity
* itunes
* ilorincitymusic
* 360tunebox
* nigelzyent
* naijacover
* tooxclusive
* gbeduxclusive

Don't leave out SoundCloud and iTunes. There are many of them. But there is one I am particular about. They will get your songs on TV shows, films, video games and more! Check them out here Another website that gives a lot of opportunities for your songs is

Also see,,, and iTunes. A Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter fan pages are also very important because you will need to promote your songs and build your fan base/ tribe using them. You want to ensure that your name is the same across all platforms.

Now let's do a reality check. Take note that as a newcomer in the Music or entertainment industry, you need to work hard. In this regard, your connections won't matter. You need to work on your talent daily, align yourself to your musical dreams and keep distractions at bay. Work with a vocal coach, hire a fashion expert, hit the gym, watch your weight and most of all keep your fans happy by making sure your songs, videos, interview and other appearances are well cut out.

Now take note of this, you won't get all the attention you expect when you first appear on the scene but don't let that discourage you. Keep promoting your songs, keep writing new songs and keep being you. The more focused you are, the more you will attract the people, situations and the funds you need to nail your projects.

A positive mindset will take you far in the industry. Be consistent with your branding and your work. Ensure that you are known for a particular genre of music even if you do all sorts.

It is alright to get a few clicks on your posts or a few views on your Instagram or official videos. That should not make you post less. Be even more vigorous with putting yourself out there until people get tired of seeing you. What really counts is that your name and music get registered in the subconscious of your listeners. They also will associated your name to your music.

Sometimes you may do an Instagram promotion of your work and get no comments. That's totally ok. What is most important is that your work is being viewed and people are assessing you. Some are judging you also. A time will come when they will not be able to ignore you. Trust me that time will come. Consistency is the name of the game.

Because the human mind is highly predictable, and the subconscious association of your work to your person cannot be escaped, after a while, their resistance will break. That is an indication that you are getting to the light at the end of the tunnel. Slow and steady, they say, wins the race!

One day, an occasion that will warrant the playing of your music will arise in a radio or TV program and your song emerges the theme song. This reminds me of Niniola's song, 'Maradona' which is now being associated and played during any football tournament in Africa.

This is how breakthroughs begin. Before you know it, your music is in the air waves and quickly spreads like an anthem. Djs will play it and make it go viral. As a result, you then begin to get thousands of Instagram followers, Facebook page likes and more downloads. You will automatically have millions of fans who are ready to listen to and buy your new music.

A lot of big companies will want you to be their brand ambassador, record labels will clamour to get you signed and your music videos will get a lot of likes, comments and shares! That is the advent of the celebrity status!

Before you know it you are getting nominations for awards and celebrity singers are calling you up to feature in their music projects. More so, you will have multiple streams of income and anywhere you go, people recognize you and walk up to you for a selfie. How about That?

The beautiful part of this celebrity emergence story is that you will be fully booked such that you have a performance to do every weekend. How ready are you for this kind of life? For this is the life of the stars you hope to be like. Get ready!!!

It is common to have artistes who have tried and tried and have fallen by the way side because things didn't go as planned. You owe it to yourself to keep on working, keep showing up and keep believing in yourself. You are much more than you think you are. Your consistency will reveal a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities to you. Continue promoting your brand creatively, shamelessly and authentically and before you know it, your hustle will pay off. Fame and fortune will come knocking at your door.

To your success,

Laura Etemah.
Vocal Coach & Music Consultant

To book your copy send a Whatsapp message to +2348137107137.

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Are You Serious About Improving Your Singing?

If that's the case for you, look no further than the Lee Ellie Voice Evaluation program, Africa's most valued online voice test course that has been fashioned to help you find your true singing voice. To find out about how you can book a voice test, send a Whatsapp message to +2348137107137 and get ready to take your music career beyond the skies!