Friday, 23 February 2018



The Youtube video attached to this post shows one of my earlier days in music, while I was head of music department at a nursery and primary school at Lekki. Little did I know that I was going to be settling as a vocal coach. I was building myself in all areas of music and all aspects presented to me. That you want to become a singer today should not stop you from building instrument playing skills on the side. Besides, there are other musical skills you need to pickup to help your singing.

Learning piano really helped me develop my musical ears, which is a valuable skill without which I wouldn't have been able to help the singers who have come my way. I also picked up the guitar which today helps me to back up singers both in my private music classes and during shows and concerts.

More so, the short piece I played was from a popular piano book titled SMALLWOODS, where all pieces are written in music language - staff notation. Hence, I learned how to sight read music. Most contemporary singers don't see a need to learn to play an instrument. I can assure you it's a skill you won't regret having. Please beware, music is not for the weak! Don't say, 'na sing I wan sing, nothing konsine me with instrument'. No worry, e go soon shock you when the opportunity go come! Don't forget Asa, Alicia Keys, John Legend and James blunt in a hurry (all singer/ instrumentalists). Just to mention a few. Get serious with your craft. 

In 2006, I entered the Nigerian Breweries Star Quest competition as a singer (even though I wasn't singing very well then), keyboardist and guitarist. Whilst in the house, and within the 21 day span of the competition, I picked up the bass guitar, which I didn't know how to play priori to the contest. I learned it in 3 days and played the bass during the finals. We won! How would you not vote for a band with a lady on the bass? Pardon my bragging. But I tell you, that singular act brought me fame and fortune! Get serious with your craft.

Presently, I see all these little musical skills I picked, coming together to play in a beautiful way. The best part is that I am able to do combined courses for my students and that earns me more! Are you getting paid to do what you love to do - music? If your answer is no, there is something you are either not doing at all, or something is being wrongly done. 

What I noticed after interviewing some of my clients is that a whole lot of people want to be as talented and rich as Beyonce and Jay-Z but only a few are ready to go the extra mile - yes, the sleepless nights and the extra effort that needs to go into the work to make it stand out. You need to get serious with your music career. How do you want to operate? As an instrumentalist, solo singer, songwriter, recording artiste, session singer, dancer or producer? What are you doing today to help you achieve that? 

Need music career guidance? Watch out for my next book loaded with tips to help you get comfortable being a musician who gets paid some real good box for performance. Want to be the first to know when book is published? Comment "ADD ME" with your phone number and you will be added to my New Book Alert WhatsApp group. 

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Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Having come across a lot of singers on different skill levels, I have discovered a common concern amongst them. All singers have worries! And the level confidence takes the greater part of this worry. Most beginners at singing believe that only superstar singers have 100 percent confidence while performing on stage. It is only wise to remember that we are all human beings and even the megamost of stars you may know are still building their live performance confidence! Nobody knows it all. In the following lines, we shall get into the business of honing this craft.

To have an idea of your confidence level, check to know of you experience the following:

1. Going blank and forgetting your lyrics while on stage.
2. A better rehearsal than your actual live performance.
3. You feel like your heart is going to pop out your chest just before a performance - fear and a sick feeling.
4. You find it very difficult and tasking to sing in public.
5. You have a feeling people are laughing at you for not singing well.
6. You are afraid to go for singing auditions and competitions because you feel you would lose out or be turned down.
7. You are mostly concerned about how you  look.

Confidence has a lot to do with self belief. If you don’t believe in your singing ability and yourself, no one will believe in you. People can tell if you have self-esteem and insecurity issues and will respond accordingly to your performance. This is because lack of confidence will badly affect your delivery. Who wants to cheer a disorganised singer? No one!

How do you sort yourself if you lack self confidence? Firstly, don't see yourself as less in any way. Many megastars struggled with this but worked towards selfimprovement killed their anxieties and hit stardom nevertheless.

An important advice I give to my students is that they should do all in their power to improve their singing abilities. If you understand your voice insideout, that in itself gives you a great portion of confidence! So endeavour to be a better singer. Get a voice teacher to put you through if you need to. Hire a talent manager to help you discover who you are and coin out your brand. Practice well enough to know your material inside out, before any performance.

More so, if you think anxiety is getting the better part of your stage performances, there are specific 'secret' exercises that I share with my VIP students only. I could give them out for a fee. You don't get these from any institution. It is our secret code to breaking the performance anxiety demons.  For more info on how to get these, indicate by writing 'More info' in the comment box and contact 08137107137 through WhatsApp. This will give you the energy to work through your fears and come out a champion!

Although it is a good thing to perform with confidence, please be careful to ensure that it does not slip into overconfidence because a lot of great performances have been watered down by this stage 'malfunction'.

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To your singing success and sweet confidence on stage,

Laura Etemah

Monday, 19 February 2018


Ever got goosebumps after listening to someone sing? Ever been captivated by the person singing on stage in front of you?
Ever been inspired to go out and sing your heart out, like the professional singers you see?

We all have. That’s why we want to be singers. We all admire someone and
want to be like them to a large extent. We love to be the centre of attraction, the focus of everyone around us.

To connect with our audience in such a way that they really feel the song, the words and the music. That connection comes from:

1. Your body language, the way
you connect with a song and project it emotionally.

2. The way you carry yourself on stage and

3. The way you use your props, especially the microphone.

If you don't know what to do with your hands while on stage, feel uncomfortable on stage or fail to get the attention of your audience when you sing, then you need to carry out the activities below:

Study the body language of your favourite singers. Get to know how they stand, hold a microphone and move across the stage.

One way to emotionally connect with songs and audiences is to get out of your own head and forget that you are on stage. Know the song inside out, exude your confidence and just enjoy yourself singing.

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To your singing success,

Laura Etemah

Saturday, 17 February 2018


A very warm welcome to all new members. Having joined this group for different reasons, there is a common goal - the drive to get better at your music craft. During the early days of my music career development, there was little or no help. Mentors and the internet were fantasies I could only wish for. Music schools and expert vocal coaches were luxuries located beyond my humble purse! What could a little girl do to acquire knowledge of her passion?

The things that I did, wouldn't want to imagine them! I went from hijacking a neighbour's keyboard, spending all my earnings on CDs of hit songs of the 80's, to sitting at roadside parties uninvited just to speak with the musicians! You won't believe this: I also took roadside music lessons! I was that desperate! How far can you go for your passion?

A little relief came when I started taking music lessons at school - Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Ojo-Lagos. God bless my music teacher, the late Mr Olayiwola. May your gentle soul rest in peace. But mehn, guys flew out the window when he was on his way to class to teach music. I wondered why. Still wondering why. For me, music was an escape from a confused and chaotic world. Music was my safe place. For crying out loud why would anyone hate such a graceful subject?

Anyway, I picked on the subject till SS3 but was not allowed to include it among my SSCE subjects because I already registered the maximum number of subjects - 9, including French and technical drawing. My subject combination as a science student was chart topping - all join, according to Warri people. That was how much I loved book tins: and that was God's way of preparing me for a B.Sc. in Geology and a Masters in Music Production (Don't get it twisted - I was forced to study Geology. Na music I been wan study). So the moment I got my freedom, I flew to the United Kingdom for my masters.

Let me come back home in case I diverted a little bit. The long and short of what I am trying to say is that you don't have to take the long route like I did to achieve your musical dreams! My experience has made me so empathic that I am not able to stand the sight of a stranded music aspirant. I am here to help you shortcircuit your journey to stardom on any level you want.

It hurts me to see talented singers being frustrated by the fact that they do not know the next step to take or the next thing to do to develop the full potential of their musicality. Some have a nice voice but sing offkey. Many cannot sing high notes, control their breathing, do riffs and runs well, pronounce words appropriately nor perform a full song without making a mistake. I also know a lot of brilliant singers who should be kinging on MTV Base channel but only sing in their bedrooms and need talent scouts to discover them. How that one go take happen? May we not die with our talents! May the world hear our beautiful voices! And if you have not joined the Vocal Champion Mastermind VIP group on Facebook (, I really don't know if singing is your BIG game!

That's my main point! Now you have all you need to get your voices heard. You have a vocal coach and talent manager in me! You can always contact me on +2348137107137 (Whatsapp only) to chart your unique course to singing success. Now is your opportunity to achieve your musical dreams with Nigeria's celebrity vocal coach (find out more here Start by booking a voice test session and get ready to be blown away by an expert evaluation of your voice! Hope to hear from you soon.


Yours truly,
Laura Etemah (AKA Lee Ellie)

Sunday, 4 February 2018



Are you Passionate about music? Sick of singing for free or for fun? Are you ready to monetize your singing talent? Now is the time to take your talent seriously and learn the tricks of the trade!

The book is in the making and getting cooked in the oven. What would you like to see in the book? What questions would you like me to answer in the Q&A section regarding singing and music business? Write in the comment box. Also, book down your copy by typing 'interested' in the comment box.

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