Friday, 8 December 2017


A lot of people have been singing for years. Some even have singing teachers. But there is something missing in the matrix because the voice does not seem to be coming through.
A lot of people are on the verge of giving up because this 'singing thing' doesn't seem to be working well for them. Others have resorted to rapping because the voice refused to sing well. Some have been relegated to the back seat in their choir groups. I even know some who wanted to record songs in the studio but have cancelled their studio sessions several times because the voice disappointed them.

Some others have been discouraged by the negative comments of other people and have since not been able to pick back their confidence.
I don't know what your case is but if it sounds like any of the above mentioned cases, you don't have anything to worry about. Don't look down on yourself nor think less of yourself. Singing is a natural gift of God to mankind. Everyone can sing. The fact that someone else can sing better does not make you a write off.

The only difference between you and the superstar you want to sing like is information and knowledge. Do you know that there are secrets behind singing well that are reserved for a few? If you doubt me, then tell me, why is it that some people just know how to do this thing so well and they get better at it daily; while some others have been struggling with singing well for years? SECRETS!

I was doing a research recently to find out why good singers keep the secrets of good singing to themselves; because I was furious with such a selfish attitude. What did I find? I found out that the music industry is competitive that singers who are on top of their game want to remain there. They like it there at the top! (Abi who no like better tin?) They are not willing to share their million dollar secret with you because if they did, YOU WILL OUTSHINE THEM!

This is a very serious matter especially in Nigeria where we have many musical competitions that can immediately skyrocket you to fame and fortune! We all know about Star Quest, Mtn Project Fame, The Voice Nigeria, Nigerian Idol and others.

I remember when I was a contestant in Star Quest 2006 that was won by my band, D'accord. I knew that the cold environment would not work well for singers and I saw how most singers struggled with their voices. But yet, some others had a very good time with their voices. Trust me, I was the detective in the house. I was an instrumentalist for my band and concentrated on songwriting. We had 3 vocalists so I kept away from singing.

What did I find out? The best singers came in with vocal remedy substances which they secretly took to make their vocal cords more flexible! Did they tell the other singers? No! Why? You know the answer! Nobody want to lose their altitude so you've got to find a way to climb up there!
So you have singing challenges and you have found this group. I want to congratulate you for this because, you are as close to your dreams as can be! You are close to a vocal coach who is very much unlike other vocal coaches. Yes, I am not going to hoard anything from you because I want to see you shinning while doing what you love, singing. I want to show you all the tips and tricks that other coaches will make you pay a fortune for. If you have watched the few videos I sent to this group you should know what I mean. But in order for me to continue with this, you have got to show some commitment. You have got to be active! There are people in this group who have never posted a video. Why are you here? Think about this because secrets are quite expensive and I don't want to share it with people who do not need it or people who would not value it.

Therefore, following up on this, by January, members of this group will be going through a screening process that will determine who stays and who goes. I don't want to remove anybody because the readmission process will be a bit expensive for some people. So do all you can to follow up on all that is going on here. As I mentioned before, the distance between you and you star quality singing voice is information and knowledge. Which is what I am here to give you. Also, the way you grab the information I give to you will determine how much more you get from me.

Flashback to when you answered some questions to join this group. You will remember I asked, 'Do you know that this is a paid group?' 'Have you confirmed your payment of N5,000?'
So we are getting to the time when I will be sharing my biggest, game-changing SECRETS of singing. So by January, we will be separating the boys from the men. But I want to make this fair for all. So that everyone will benefit greatly.

By 30th of December we shall be sanitizing this group. Rather than pay N5,000 for the month of January only, everyone who buys the book OVERCOMING YOUR SINGING CHALLENGES (You need this book! See the picture attached to this post) on or before 30th December, 2017 will have a whooping THREE MONTH subscription! January to March of unlimited singing SECRETS! Can you beat that?
I remember telling you all that we have just been scratching the surface. All I was doing was giving you a tip of the iceberg and some of you are already sharing testimonies on my Youtube and Instagram pages. What you will get in my next set of videos will blow your mind! So guys, the choice is yours! By January 2018, our professional voice training time table will be out! Do you want to be in or our of this group? Let me know in the comment box.

What will you gain from the January to March course?
-You will get a crystal clear understanding of how your voice works.
-Learn how a singer should breathe while singing
-Learn my top2bottom secret me this
-balance your breathing with what your vocal cords are doing
-experience more control of your voice than you've ever felt before
-Learn the secret thingy that makes everything work
-Learn the exercises used by stars to reverse all singing faults!
Let me stop here. You will get the full gist when you subscribe and make payment.


Send a Whatsapp message to +447435240062 or 08137107137 for payment details.
Remember deadline for subscription is 30th December, 2017. All subscribed members will get a copy of my book, OVERCOMING YOUR SINGING CHALLENGES.