Monday, 4 December 2017


How do you care for your instrument? What should you eat or drink? What will hurt the vocal cords? You will find the answer to these questions and more, in the following lines.

Stay away from mucous-forming foods like red meat, diary products and cheese. These products tend to make you form a little extra mucous in your throat which can get in the way of what you are trying to do with your vocal cords. They also take a long time to digest and almost drain your energy, as opposed to giving you energy. Light foods that could give sustenance and energy while you perform are ideal.

Eating big meals before going on stage could hinder your singing by affecting your breathing. This is because so much goes on in your stomach during digestion and could get in your way of reaching high notes. Digestive “burbs” may come up while you are on stage and cause embarrassment. It is therefore advisable not to eat anything four hours before performance. A good meal may favour a bassist, drummer or any other instrumentalist but don’t try it if you are a vocalist. It would get you in trouble. Eat chicken, fish or soup and sandwich.

Also note, that prolonged singing at the extremes of your range and not stopping when you should are two voice-killing habits that you want to avoid.

To get the best out of yourself as a singer, get together with like minded musicians and get involved in shows, back-up singing and other musical events; and just sing your heart out. 

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