Saturday, 16 December 2017

Hello Ladies! Get Ready to Show Off Your Singing Skills!

What's happening in the VOCAL CHAMPION MASTERMIND VIP group on Facebook? Have you joined the hottest Facebook group based in Lagos-Nigeria, that gives you the opportunity to learn to sing like a pro?

Click here to join:

Hello ladies, it's your time to slay! I believe in you! Give it your best shot. 5 winners will get a scholarship to attend my Voice Training Masterclass in January, 2018 (online singing class). You have the opportunity to pick your favourite female singer and do the song title attached to her picture. i.e Adel - Rolling in the Deep, Beyonce - Irreplacable, Rihanna - Take a Bow.

Do a video of yourself singing to a karaoke track and post in the Vocal Champion Mastermind VIP group on Facebook. Here is the link to join again:

Good luck girls!