Friday, 6 October 2017

What They Do Not Want You To Know About Singing

As the writing of my book - Overcoming Your Singing Challenges - unfolds, one of the nuggets I'd like to share with singers is this:

There are certain secrets professional singers don't want you to know about! Why? If you knew these secrets, you would shine like them. You would get hired more. You would get more fans. Your records sell more! You get to win that singing contest. You get more invitations!

Do they really want this? Hell NO! If they did, they'd have since shared these secrets with you. They are afraid of competition. They do not want you to meet up with their superstar status.

If you have been dissatisfied about the sound of your voice and are stuck as to how to unlock your star quality voice, make this Saturday a date with me, as I facilitate a singing workshop that will demystify reasons why you are not singing like a superstar. You will learn the secrets of the stars and launch into a rewarding singing career. I will share with you strategies I applied to win the prestigious Star Quest reality tv show. More so, you will have access to many more secrets from my book which already has over 55 down payments. I haven't even launched yet!

The book is priced at N5,000 but I will be giving it away for N3,000 to all the workshop attendees (only a limited number will be admitted). Want the book? Want info on the singing workshop? Comment 'Interested'.