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As a singing coach I have come to discover that singing high notes is the dread of most singers. There is this weird feeling that comes with the concept of singing high notes. It puts the majority of singers on their toes and they are locked in this air of panic. I recently published a book. 'Overcoming Your Singing Challenges' which is available on Amazon through this link: and I did a book tour via Facebook live video to let people know the geography of my book and how they could benefit from it. The response was awesome!

You can watch here:

Back on track, I asked people to write down their singing challenges in the comment box and I noticed that a lot of people complained about their inabilities to sing high notes. Some said they could do it but with a lot of strain.

Now, if there is something you get out of this post, let it be this: Singing should never stress or hurt you. Singing should be comfortable. So whenever you sing and you feel pain, know that you are doing something incorrectly.

One of the main reasons why people get stuck while trying to sing high notes is lack of abdominal support, breath and preparation. Sit ups will help to build the abdominal muscle. As regards breath, there are a couple of exercises shared in my video that will help. Watch here:

As regards to preparation, the singer ought to learn to prepare for the high notes physically and mentally. Don't wait till it is time to sing it before you make a move. Here are the points to note:

1. Imagine that you are already at the note before you sing it. Here you need to engage your mind in such a way that it brings you the desired results. Imagery helps singers a lot; so use it as much as possible. Furthermore, you want to open up your face (I am going to teach about this in my next video) in order to facilitate resonance or vocal placement. Sound travels up the head the same way notes go up a scale. So you need to space up your head to be able to reach higher pitches. Opening up the mouth and lifting the soft palate are also very key to singing high notes.

2. The next thing you want to do to ensure that you sing high notes without strain is to prepare the space in your head when singing the low notes preceding the high note. This ensures that you do not crack when going up; it and takes away the panic associated with high notes. This is as good as preparing for an exam early enough such that you don't have to read in anxiety through the night before the exam.

3. The third direction for singing high notes without strain is to think downwards while vocalizing upwards. This takes your attention away from the throat, eliminating any potential tension around the throat and face; thereby creating the freedom and power you need to pull off the high note.

Some singers scrunch their faces when singing high notes. Although the majority of them succeed in singing the note, it doesn't come out as powerfully as it should; as with a stretched and spaced out face, open mouth and dropped jaw.

So you see, high notes are really not scary, you only need to change your perception about them and ensure you adequately prepare for them.

Do you have any singing challenge you would like to tell me about? Write it in the comment box below and I would help you get over it.

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