Thursday, 26 October 2017


Hello singers!

I hope you are all doing great. I want to address a particular vocal issue that poses a challenge to a majority of singers – VOICE CRACK.
Do you experience voice crack when you sing? Especially when you want to hit those top notes? I understand how embarrassing this could be especially when you are right in the middle of a song on stage! I went through this when I just started out singing and I almost gave up on my talent because of this. Lol

I will share with you 4 powerful exercises that will address this issue once and for all. But take note: if these exercises don’t help smoothen out your voice, then you may need to seek medical help; as it could be as a result of a medical condition. But overall, these exercises have help countless singers solve a bunch of singing challenges.

So back to business, I call these exercises the SIREN and if you are a subscriber to my YouTube page, you would have seen me demonstrate them.

Among the causes of vocal cracks are:

·         Pulling up chest voice
·         Not warming up properly before you sing
·         Too much tension in your body
·         Not enough airflow coming through your instrument as you sing
·         Improper vocal placement
·         Lack of rest, dehydration and poor diet

Now to deal with the demons of vocal cracks, find a secluded place where you can freely make some noise because these exercises could sound weird to neighbours. During my university days, I used to leave my residential area to an open field to do my vocal exercises. This gave me the freedom to top up my volume whenever I wanted, without worrying about disturbing anyone.

I use these exercises particularly if I haven’t sung for a while because the voice does get out of shape due to under-use; the same way an athlete needs to exercise to bring their muscles back in shape if they haven’t done so in a while.

As mentioned earlier, you want to sound these exercises like a siren.

1.      The Lip Rolls
2.      The Tongue Trills
3.      The ‘weee’ sound (you could also use the ‘a’sound, to shift back resonance where it is more likely to crack) and
4.      The Yawn

Watch this viral video that shows demonstrations of these 4 powerful exercises:

While doing these exercises, you want to concentrate for a while on the area of your voice where the crack is prominent, until it smoothens up.

Really, cracking shouldn’t scare you. The more you think about it while performing, the more you are likely to crack. So make it a point of duty to keep a positive mind while performing. I usually advise singers to first of all see themselves perform their songs brilliantly in their mind’s eye before ever getting on stage. This gives you great courage, confidence and motivation to pull off your performance like the star that you are! 

Try these exercises and let me know how they work for you in the comment box. Also ask me any questions you might have concerning your vocal development. I will be glad to help you overcome whatever challenges might be hindering you from singing at your best.

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Enjoy the rest of the week! 

Yours musically

Laura Etemah