Sunday, 10 September 2017

How Learning to Play a Musical Instrument Can Benefit You and Your Family

Hello Friends, I am Laura Etemah, the Director of Lee Ellie Music School; and an advocate of music education. I am also dedicated to evangelizing the benefits of music to my Naija people.

Music makes you smart. And if you are already smart it makes you smarter. Ever wondered why things are so organized abroad? In USA and many other developed countries, Music is compulsory for all junior grade pupils. Why? Because they want the children to imbibe good morals so they could grow up with it and be good citizens.

Music teaches discipline, teamwork, focus, patience, tolerance, builds self-esteem, develops the brain, speech and vocabulary in children and aids in listening. With music in your life, you become more grounded and joyous.

The power of music has long been discovered by the Oyinbos that's why you must find a musical instrument in almost every whiteman' s house.

What more can I say but to encourage my very own Naija people to follow suit. Get involved with music, get your children involved and remember to share your testimonies when you begin to enjoy the benefits of music?

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Yours musically,

 Dr. Laura Etemah.