Sunday, 19 February 2017

Top 3 Tips to Help You Sing Better

1. Insufficient warm-up and lack of daily vocal exercises.

Your vocal folds are muscle tissues and just like any other muscle, they can get stronger with proper use; get weaker with lack of use. More so, they can also be damaged with improper use. In the same way an Olympic athlete has to be in an exceptionally good shape to run that race or to execute that leap, we as singers need to be in an exceptionally good vocal shape to belt out that high note, to execute that run or to power that scream that we want without damaging our voices. It begins with daily warm-ups. People really underestimate just how powerful a daily warm-up can be. Just 20 minutes a day of exercise can make a whole of difference in how you sing and how long your voice lasts.

Singing a song is not a sufficient vocal warm-up. A warm-up session should comprise exercises that stretch the vocal folds and relax the throat to prepare your voice to sing. If you need a basic idea of how a warm-up should be done, just checkout our Vocal Workout audio program at the top right of this blog or call +2348132918691 for more information. It gives you a solid general warm-up that any vocalist can use.

2. Poor Cord Closure.

Your vocal cords have to come together in order to make sound. They need to come together along their thin edges in order to make a clean sound with minimal efforts. So if you want a powerful sound, it is about how you close the cords. It is not about tightening the throat. Let me give you an example about a recent client that I had. She sings pop and she sounded airy every time - gasping for breath as a result of breathy singing. This allows excessive air to be released to the vocal cords which makes it a lot harder for the vocal cords to do their job, it also wears the vocal cords out a lot faster, the voice is lass distinct and powerless, causing the singer to keep pushing and stressing to sing. More annoying is the fact that the singer keeps gasping for air because she is constantly losing it fast. So what's the solution? I usually advise singers to get rid of the excessively airy tone by singing the song with the 'e' vowel sound in a short, sharp and detached manner (staccato); then alternating it with the words of the song. With this technique, you will hear an instant difference in your voice.

3. Register Coordination.

You have a chest, mix and head voice and you need to learn to be able to connect them properly. One of my quick tips to help you connect all your voices is to replace the lyrics with a lip roll. The key to a powerful voice is not by forcing things. Freedom is the key. By alternating the lip roll with the voice, you direct the voice into doing the right thing. If you don't know how to do a lip roll call us on +2348132918691 to get a free demonstration. The lip roll helps you connect all your chest and head voices in a smooth manner. Wherever the notes resonate when you do the lip roll is where they should originally sound when you sing normally so pay attention as your alternate from lip roll to singing, In other words, let the lip roll be your guide and show you where too place your voice as far as register coordination is concerned. Try it. It takes practice but you will get it eventually. This works for all genres of music and the singers inherent.

In Summary I would say, don't be afraid of your voice. Don't be afraid to use all your voices because they are the ingredients for embellishing the songs that you sing. Also, don't be in a hurry with your vocal development. It takes time and practice to develop a beautiful voice. Slow and steady wins the race.

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