Saturday, 25 February 2017


Hello readers, I hope you are geared up for a fantastic weekend. Today, we are going to take a look at RESONANCE. What is resonance? A lot of people apply it when singing or even speaking; but it is still a mystery to a lot more people.
Resonance is the ‘colour’ of your voice. I’m not talking about blue or green here. I am talking about the timbre of your voice; that is, what makes your voice different from somebody else’. You may have noticed that there are people who do impersonations of other people – singers, actors et.c. What they are actually doing is that they are manipulating their voices to sound like someone else.

For those of you who have a good voice and you feel there is nothing you could do about it, remember this: there is a lot of room in your head positioned by God to help you explore your resonance. I hope that this article will inspire you to start to play with your resonators to really find your God-given voice – that which has that colour, tone and timbre that you are wanting and give you the flexibility to sing different genres. You can always manipulate your resonance by experiment in order to discover how to switch between musical styles.



 We have 5 essential resonators within the vocal mechanism:

      1. The Larynx

This is the first and most important of all resonators. This resonance starts at the point where the inhaled air changes into a vocal frequency as it passes out from the lungs via the wind pipe to the vocal cords. “The vibrating vocal folds does not give rise to one single tone; instead an entire family or spectrums of tone is generated and these tones are called overtones”
Therefore the moment we start to sing or speak, vibrations begin to occur within the larynx that cause a chain reaction of beautiful overtones that can potentially be heard. So it’s very important that we allow for this resonator to work naturally and in a relaxed way; in a way that is neither pushed nor unsupported.

Bruno Mars on guitar and voice

2. The Pharynx

This is the passage way between the larynx and the nasal cavity. It is subdivided into 3 different parts anatomically – nasopharynx, oropharynx and laryngopharynx
It is always necessary for you as a singer to begin to pay attention to what is happening within and what works for you as you sing.
How do we allow the resonance to happen in the pharynx? This has a lot to do with how much air you send into the pharyngeal space. You need the right amount of air in that space – in the most open, relaxed and allowing way. Feeling the openness in the pharyngeal helps to resonate it. This is essential for a balanced vocal sound. Note that the raising of your soft palate also has a great effect on your sound.

Bruno Mars on the piano

3. The Oral cavity or the Mouth.

The mouth is considered a resonator. What I find with a lot of singers is that they think of the mouth primarily as the only resonator so they drive out air aggressively through their vocal cords, straining their voices and creating a lot of unwanted pressure.
What will affect the mouth resonance? The tongue of course! You want to ensure you are not pulling back the tongue into the pharynx. Always check that your tongue is in its natural position, lying flat with the tip behind the bottom teeth. Relaxing the tongue can be a challenge to beginning singers; but not to worry, we have got loads of tongue relaxing exercise. Drop a comment below if you want some.

Bruno on stage
How you use your teeth, tongue, lips and soft palate really matter. You want to allow your soft palate to work with your larynx and pharynx to create a well-rounded depth of sound that suits your voice – not too light and not too deep. Hence developing resonance involves the cooperative action of all the elements in the vocal structure.

4. The Nasal Cavity


Laura Etemah grooming upcoming artistes

This is usually used in singing in most genres of music. This is a natural place where I encourage singers to resonate without trying to drive in the air or push things unnecessarily. It can serve as a place where the air:pitch balance is checked. For my students who drive in air into the nasal 
cavity, I advise them to activate a yawn to open up more space in the pharynx, lifting up the soft palate and making sure the tongue is out of the way. With all these checked, the magic happens. This improves the timbre of  your voice and you sound much better. Make a recording of yourself to check this out.

Singers ought to be able to refine the way they are sensing the movement of their vibrational sound as it moves inwardly. Resonance does not depend solely on any one of the resonators but on the synergy of them all - working together. Also note that you may not feel the sensory awareness in all the resonating chambers. It takes time so be patient with your development. Singers perform better when they take the role of an observer rather than trying to be too involved in the production of their sound. Letting things happen naturally produce the best results.

5. The Chest Resonator
This is kind of a residual vibration sensed when singing low notes. It is essential to ensure that the onset of your tone is balanced and supported with appropriate amount of air in relation to the pitch involved. Some of the exercises I share on this blog with you will help you find that resonance.

In conclusion, I would hint you play with all your resonance chambers. If at any point in time while practicing, you encounter a discomfort in your voice, discontinue the exercise. If it works well, continue with it.

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Thursday, 23 February 2017


If You Aspire to be a Successful Musician, Read on…

There are three questions most young aspiring musicians usually have:

1.       How do I become an outstanding live performer?
2.       How do I perfect my singing and instrument playing skills?
3.       How do I make a record, get it out there and get people to hear it and become successful?

Firstly, you need to identify with what it is that you really want, because your heart will naturally resonate with whatever you really want. What is it that you are most comfortable with? Singing? Recording? Playing in a band? Instrumentalist? You name it. This is the first port of call and it determines the path you will take towards fine tuning your talent.

Everyone has got strengths and weaknesses. You ought to clearly know where you are strong and weak then pay no attention to your weaknesses and build rigorously on your strengths until they swallow up your weaknesses.

The level of achievement that we have at anything is a reflection of how well we were able to focus on it. The only thing that is holding you back is the way that you are thinking. Here is what I recommend:

Pick a song that you really love and will be able to play - something that is within your reach. Imagine that song right now and picture yourself playing or singing that song perfectly. That’s the first and most important part of the exercise that will lead you to achieve your dreams.

As you picture yourself playing and singing, imagine what you sound like, imaging how you are sitting or standing on the stage – how you are performing the song. Feel the atmosphere and see the stage lights dancing all around you. At this point in time, you should feel a lift in your spirit if this is what you really want. See and hear yourself playing or singing the song elegantly, beautifully, whether it’s a pop, rock, blues, metal, folk, country, reggae, high life, hip hop music in whatever style – just see yourself doing it from beginning to end perfectly and with confidence. The more you are able to crystallize that vision, the more you draw closer to manifesting it!

Secondly, let’s look into practice and talk about spending time to reach your goal. A lot of musicians and singers complain about having no time for practice because of their obligations in life, responsibilities and so many other things that have to be done. How then do we find time to practice because it is in practice that we find perfection. I recommend that you find a special time for yourself. A time when you shut off the TV, cellphone, Internet…a time when you shut out the world, then sit and focus on your goal.

Whenever you get discouraged, go to the big picture – that place of excitement and recall all the good feeling of accomplishment that you mustered while you pictured yourself doing what you love to do. This singular action will usher in a fresh burst of energy that will soar you through any hard times you may be going through and you will immediately feel encouraged to get on with the pursuit of your goal because a new world of possibility and a new door of opportunity is opened when you go back to the big picture. At this point, you will see yourself doing what was seemingly impossible.
At this point, there is no work involved, no stress, it’s all becomes fun because you are doing what you really love. You feel joyful because you know you’re reaching your goal.

Since I started pursuing my musical goals, I have never worked a day in my life. It has been having fun from one level to a higher level. I love two things: music and teaching. What do I do for a living…or better still, what do I do for fun? TEACHING MUSIC. I live a beautiful life and I want as many musician as are within my sphere of influence to catch on this and replicate a similar lifestyle. In doing what you love, you find fulfilment and are always charged up with energy and a sort of contagious enthusiasm that will draw the right people, situations and events to you. Hence you live in a state of NO STRUGGLE. Don’t get me wrong, I have been through a lot and had my own fair share of challenges but for me, the game changed when I discovered myself and what I stand for. Winning Star Quest 2006 is still a mystery to me because I went to have fun and ended up in the United Kingdom for the MOBO awards with so much cash to throw around. That’s the magic in doing what you love.

Back to the topic of practicing, I usually advise my students to take things step by step because slow and steady wins the race. Don’t try to do so much at once or force yourself to learn a lengthy piece of music all at a go. Break things down into workable chunks – a little a day does it better. This way, you will have laid a good foundation for yourself and will experience a steady and sure growth that will lead to the mastery of the piece of music – a level where things begin to flow naturally and effortlessly. At this point if feels like something comes over you and takes perfect control of your art – a higher force that gives you the ability to become the music!

Do you have a musical dream and need a mentor to guide you through the process of attaining your goal?  Stop procrastinating and make the best of 2017. The year is still very young and fresh and you’ve got your dreams to work on. Get on to writing your song, hop into the studio to record and launch your lifelong dream. We at Lee Music School are looking forward to help you through the process. Call us on +2348132918691 or WhatsApp +447435240062 to discuss your aims or book a musical class towards the development of your music career.
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Thanks and God bless!

Monday, 20 February 2017

The 5 Laws of Great Singing

Hello singers, I am up and running to the studio this morning to record some artistes but before I dash out of the house, let me quickly answer a question from an email I got from one of my students on the other end of the world. He wants to know the events that guide a great singing like that of Beyonce, Adele and the likes of other great singers; and I have decided to title this: The 5 Laws of Great Singing. Now, let me tell you this, when you benefit from something, share with more people and leave a comment. This is how we appreciate ourselves and make the world a better place. Lets get down with it!

1. Support

Everyone talks about diaphragmatic support. But what is that really??? It is actually the whole abdominal cavity not just the diaphragm. Think of what happens when you breathe. Or let me rather say, try to feel what's going on when you take a breath. As s singer, when you breathe in, your tummy area should expand like you have just taken a big meal (diaphragm expands). And when you breathe out, the exact opposite should happen - you should flatten out (diaphragm contracts). See image below:

Diaphragmatic or abdominal support is the engine that controls and drives a great singing. It is so important in the activity of singing and contributes a lot to the powering of your voice. So, if you notice, that your voice is not carrying much power and confidence, this could be a pointer. A very good singing teacher could help you achieve this.

2. Vowel Placement

Vocal clarity is every singer's aim. Singing exercises using vowels can help you achieve a great, clean and crisp sound. Yes, it's got to be flawless. You want to sing your vowels with an open throat just like it is when you take a really satisfying yawn - that automatically lifts up your soft palate. You also want to ensure that your tongue is not jumping all around in your mouth. It should be in it's natural position, resting flat and lying with tip touching the back of the lower teeth set; of course not forgetting that a relaxed jaw is indispensable. With this technique you are able to generate that bright sound which is all you need to develop a fantastic voice.

3. Breath Control

I usually tell singers to sing high notes with less air so as not to blow off the vocal cords. When you sing a song, you are manipulating your organs of articulation (lips, teeth, palate, tongue et.c.), supporting your notes with your abdominal muscles and most importantly, controlling your air flow. You don't just blow out all the air you have stored up in your lungs, you let it out in a controlled manner and let your resonance take over. You see, every earlier mentioned technique works hand-in-hand with other techniques to contribute to that beautiful sound you want to create with the voice. You need to take these techniques one after the other for development. Don't try to do all at once. Start with one, develop it to a good level then add another. For breath control exercises, I recommend a simple one. Pick a comfortable note and sing the English alphabets on it from A to Z and then continue from A to G. Do this on one breath. That means your want to take your best big breathe before starting. A demonstration will be posted here soon. Also keep your eyes on our Lee Music School Facebook page: (Also LIKE and share our page with your friends) for more tips.

4. Stress Management

Most people believe that they have to tense up their muscles whenever they want to do anything tremendous with their voices. NO. The exact opposite is the real deal. Relax. You don't need to freak out to hit that high note, just relax. Prior to your routine vocal warm-up exercises, do some physical warm-up exercises. Some of which are: facial muscle stretch, tongue sweep, neck release, upper body twist et.c. These will release tension and help you relax. Do let us know if you need a description of any of these suggested exercises. 

5. Imagination

Your imagination is another important factor in singing. What you are thinking about can affect your singing positively or negatively a great deal. I use the reverse technique for my students. If you are going for a high note, imagine it's a low note. That in itself make a world of difference. If you tend to stretch your neck to sing high notes, move downwards when you are going for the note. That keeps your stress level in check and makes singing easy and fun. the same thing goes for adlibs, riffs and runs. Just relax in the process of executing them and they will come out great.

If you have any questions or benefited from this article in any way, share with your friends and drop us a comment below. Let us know if you want us to do an article on any singing issue you might have in the comment box.

Thank you.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Top 3 Tips to Help You Sing Better

1. Insufficient warm-up and lack of daily vocal exercises.

Your vocal folds are muscle tissues and just like any other muscle, they can get stronger with proper use; get weaker with lack of use. More so, they can also be damaged with improper use. In the same way an Olympic athlete has to be in an exceptionally good shape to run that race or to execute that leap, we as singers need to be in an exceptionally good vocal shape to belt out that high note, to execute that run or to power that scream that we want without damaging our voices. It begins with daily warm-ups. People really underestimate just how powerful a daily warm-up can be. Just 20 minutes a day of exercise can make a whole of difference in how you sing and how long your voice lasts.

Singing a song is not a sufficient vocal warm-up. A warm-up session should comprise exercises that stretch the vocal folds and relax the throat to prepare your voice to sing. If you need a basic idea of how a warm-up should be done, just checkout our Vocal Workout audio program at the top right of this blog or call +2348132918691 for more information. It gives you a solid general warm-up that any vocalist can use.

2. Poor Cord Closure.

Your vocal cords have to come together in order to make sound. They need to come together along their thin edges in order to make a clean sound with minimal efforts. So if you want a powerful sound, it is about how you close the cords. It is not about tightening the throat. Let me give you an example about a recent client that I had. She sings pop and she sounded airy every time - gasping for breath as a result of breathy singing. This allows excessive air to be released to the vocal cords which makes it a lot harder for the vocal cords to do their job, it also wears the vocal cords out a lot faster, the voice is lass distinct and powerless, causing the singer to keep pushing and stressing to sing. More annoying is the fact that the singer keeps gasping for air because she is constantly losing it fast. So what's the solution? I usually advise singers to get rid of the excessively airy tone by singing the song with the 'e' vowel sound in a short, sharp and detached manner (staccato); then alternating it with the words of the song. With this technique, you will hear an instant difference in your voice.

3. Register Coordination.

You have a chest, mix and head voice and you need to learn to be able to connect them properly. One of my quick tips to help you connect all your voices is to replace the lyrics with a lip roll. The key to a powerful voice is not by forcing things. Freedom is the key. By alternating the lip roll with the voice, you direct the voice into doing the right thing. If you don't know how to do a lip roll call us on +2348132918691 to get a free demonstration. The lip roll helps you connect all your chest and head voices in a smooth manner. Wherever the notes resonate when you do the lip roll is where they should originally sound when you sing normally so pay attention as your alternate from lip roll to singing, In other words, let the lip roll be your guide and show you where too place your voice as far as register coordination is concerned. Try it. It takes practice but you will get it eventually. This works for all genres of music and the singers inherent.

In Summary I would say, don't be afraid of your voice. Don't be afraid to use all your voices because they are the ingredients for embellishing the songs that you sing. Also, don't be in a hurry with your vocal development. It takes time and practice to develop a beautiful voice. Slow and steady wins the race.

Keep your eyes on our online platforms because very soon a new great video with some footage from our most recent workshop will be released.

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8 Shocking Facts About Adele

I found this interesting video on Youtube and can't help but share with you. Indeed, if you think you know everything there is to know about Adele, you might want to think again. Brace up before you watch this video because you are about to get blown away! Enjoy the ride!

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3 Signs That You Will Become Rich One Day


Watch this and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Audrey Iteriteka Has Got an Incredible Talent! Beyonce Needs to Hear This!

This girl is going places. She has such an incredible talent! Hey Beyonce! You've got a sister in Africa! Kindly watch, comment and share widely until Beyonce finds her and probably do a duet with her. I can't wait to see the result of this beautiful thing that is about to happen in Audrey Iteriteka's life. I am so happy for her already. How about you?

Thursday, 16 February 2017

My Superkid Plays 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star' on the Guitar

It is every teacher's joy to see his/ her student progress in learning. You cannot imagine my joy when this student who found it difficult to hold down a note played the whole of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star song. This surely made my day!

All Children Love the Little Peter Rabbit Song!

So I finished my guitar class today and my lovely guitar student requested for the Little Peter Rabbit song. It was a pleasure singing this for him. What more? He played the Twinkle Twinke Little Star song on the guitar today. This was so thrilling! Keep your eyes on our blog for the video. Coming soon!

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Piano, Saxophone, Guitar & Singing Classes for Children in Lekki/ VI Lagos - Nigeria. We Are Delighted to Have Your Kids On board!

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Music and Movement for School Children in Lekki, Lagos - Nigeria.

Did Adele Really Do That??? Could this be the First Grammy Award Ever Broken?

I was so touched by this video and I thought I should share it with you. Adele is such a phenomenal singer with a beautiful heart to go with it. Join Lee Music School to celebrate this great singing talent...CONGRATULATIONS ADELE.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

A Must Watch! How Can Learning a Musical Instrument Help Children Perform Better at School?

Hello parents, do you feel your child needs a boost on academics? You are you looking forward to an enhanced academic performance resulting to better grades for your child? With learning to play an instrument and singing, your child can achieve this. See video above for details and if you concur, don't hesitate to call us immediately on +2348132918691 to book a music training session for your child. Lee Music School is always here to help ensure that your children get the best of music education in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Lee Music School has the Best Female Music Teachers for your Children in Lagos, Nigeria.

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The Best Music Production Classes in Lagos

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Nigeria's Celebrity Music Teacher Takes Music Lessons to an Exciting Level

Laura Etemah
Lee Music School is not the conventional music school. We are a moving train, very flexible and looking to create special curriculums for workers and other busy set of people from all walks of life. You may have wanted to be an instrumentalist or a singer but swerved to another field of endeavour for whatever reason. We are here to help you retrace your steps and satisfy your yearning to develop your musical skills. Yes, no matter your age, we have a program for you. Call us to find out what's in it for you. We cannot wait to get you playing your favourite tunes on different instruments. 

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We give quality music lessons to people of all ages including: Nigerians, Africans from other nations, elites, international visitors, business persons, foreign expatriates and all lovers of music, 

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Lee Music School offers free music lessons to less privileged children and youths in Nigeria. We need your support to give each of these children quality music lessons. We ensure that they have competent teachers and we provide them with musical instruments and other music education materials. We need your kind donations to keep the light shinning for these great people. Without you, we cannot achieve our goals. Hence we welcome a helping hand from you and your organizations.

There is indeed no reward big enough that we could offer in appreciation for your benevolence; however,
  • We'd acknowledge you and your business in all our major media operations.
  • A plaque bearing your picture/ name or company logo will be hung in our centres.
  • An annual award will be sent to you or your organization.


You can:
  • Support a child or youth termly (every four months) to learn an instrument.
  • Make a monthly or termly pledge to support the school.
  • Donate musical instruments, electronic/ music production equipment, and/ or other educational materials.
  • Put us on your company's annual CSR budget.
  • Donate or lend us a property for a training centre.
  • Volunteer to teach. 
  • Advertise/ publicize us on any platform (online, billboards, newspaper et.c.)
  • Also do refferals and support us in any other way you dim fit.
  • If you have a specific number/ group of children and / or youths in your community or church that you want to support in acquiring musical skills, please do not hesitate to let us know. Call us on +2348132918691 or WhatsApp +447435240062. You can also send an email to

To donate, kindly use the details below: 

Bank - First Bank
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If you are an international donor, kindly call us.

Thanks in anticipation of your kind response.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Lee Vocal Studios Presents: Music Production Classes in Lagos, Nigeria.

Hey guys! Here is a jolly great news for everyone! Have you always wanted to cook great beats, craft great sound tracks and learn the tips and tricks of music production? Your opportunity has arrived!

Lee Music School has opened a centre for music production education tagged Lee Vocal Studios right at the heart of Yaba, Lagos. We are in the process of enrolling students and you don't want to miss out on the chance to engineer your own songs.

Course duration - 3 months
Course fee - N50,000 per month
Address - 11 Agard Street. Off Commercial Avenue, Sabo-Yaba. Lagos.

Do give us a call to book an appointment.
For more information, call +2348132918691 or Whatsapp +447435240062.

Now is the time to manifest your dream of becoming a music producer. Waste no more time! Call us today!!!


11:00 am to 8:00 pm on Mondays to Fridays
2:00 pm to 5:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays


We prepare you for
N.B: Students who wish to be taught individually (one-on-one special coaching) pay N40, 000 per instrument or theory per term.

You can also have lectures on walk-in basis.
Fee: N2,000 per hour, per instrument.
N3,000 for 2 hours lecture.

2.       GRADE ONE THEORY – N17, 000 PER TERM
3.       GRADE TWO THEORY – N19, 000 PER TERM
5.       GRADE FOUR THEORY – N20, 000 PER TERM
6.       GRADE FIVE THEORY – N20, 000 PER TERM
7.       GRADE SIX THEORY – N20, 000 PER TERM







6, 000