Thursday, 26 January 2017

Tips on the Correct Posture for Singing

There is a very simple yet important topic I want to talk about with you, that is often overlooked by singers…
Yes, you guessed it…. BAD POSTURE!
There are so many reasons why good posture is important for singers.
The best way for singers to stand is in the body's most natural position, the Anatomical Position.
I have created 5 Posture Tips from my Live, Love, Sing! program that will help you get it right every time.
5 Posture Tips:
1. Stand up straight
2. Shoulders back and relaxed
3. Arms hanging loosely by your sides
4. Feet flat on the floor, shoulder width apart
5. Chin in line with your body.
Now practice this exercise every single time you sing and you will hear the difference in your tone and clarity right away!
Remember to practice this in front of a mirror.

I would even recommend you print out the 5 Posture Tips and stick them in your practice space so that you remember each time.