Thursday, 12 January 2017

Lee Music School Gives a Surprise New Year Gift to All!

Hello People! We hope you are conquering 2017 by the day and achieving your aims. We know you have a lot of plans set out to be carried out this year towards a better life, but we have just this one thing to let your know: Whatever you do, whatever your profession, you need power in your voice. Especially if you are a lawyer, teacher, pastor, lecturer, politician, musician, comedian, voice-over artiste, customer care agent, actor, chorister, just name it. You need a beautiful and healthy voice.

We have decided to give to you as a new year gift and to encourage you to decide to make your voice sound better this year, a FREE three track of singing lessons from our voice training program containing 22 tracks.

If you listen carefully and follow the instructions you well might be on your way to the development of unique and golden tones.

To start the journey of a beautiful voice, Listen here.