Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Private/ Home Music Lessons for Children at Maryland and Ikeja G.R.A. Lagos - Nigeria.

Hello Lagos mainland parents! Hope you are all achieving your aims this new year. One of the goals you want to ensure to fulfill this year is getting your children to benefit from the joy and wonder of music. Stop worrying about their performance at school because music does all the magic! 

At Lee Music School we are unique because we give you value for your money. Our teachers are UK trained and you can be rest assured that your children are in safe hands. We are dedicated to helping them explore and manifest their music talents. It is our joy to see them play their favourite tunes on musical instruments. 

We have started classes already, call us now on +2348132918691 to enroll you child. 

We will bring the sounds of joyful music to your doorsteps.

Call us today!

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Tips on Diaphragmatic Breathing for Singers

So you have probably heard how important it is to breathe correctly while you sing… but how exactly are you supposed to do that?
There are so many different ways that Singing Teachers teach breathing and it can become really confusing for the singer.
There really isn't a right or wrong way, they all have merit.
As long as you understand why you need to breathe correctly when singing and exactly how to do it, you should be on the right track.
I have broken it down into 7 Simple Steps that I like to use when teaching a Singer how to breathe.

7 Simple Steps to Breathing with your Diaphragm:

  • Place your hands on the upper part of your stomach
  • When breathing, imagine there is a deflated balloon where your diaphragm sits (at the bottom of your lungs).
  • Take a deep breath and start filling the balloon, push your stomach out as much as possible to take in more air.
  • Imagine the balloon deflating again, as you exhale and let your stomach collapse.
  • Make sure that your chest remains nice and still; push all of the air directly into the balloon.
  • Try to fill it more and more every time.
  • Try to make yourself look as fat as possible…. yes FAT, we are focusing on our voices not our looks… well, right now anyway.
  • Repeat this exercise with your hands on your back, at the bottom of your ribs this time.

Now practice this exercise every single time you sing and you will be breathing like a PRO in no time!
Remember to be patient, it's not easy to begin with but practice makes perfect.

Tips on the Correct Posture for Singing

There is a very simple yet important topic I want to talk about with you, that is often overlooked by singers…
Yes, you guessed it…. BAD POSTURE!
There are so many reasons why good posture is important for singers.
The best way for singers to stand is in the body's most natural position, the Anatomical Position.
I have created 5 Posture Tips from my Live, Love, Sing! program that will help you get it right every time.
5 Posture Tips:
1. Stand up straight
2. Shoulders back and relaxed
3. Arms hanging loosely by your sides
4. Feet flat on the floor, shoulder width apart
5. Chin in line with your body.
Now practice this exercise every single time you sing and you will hear the difference in your tone and clarity right away!
Remember to practice this in front of a mirror.

I would even recommend you print out the 5 Posture Tips and stick them in your practice space so that you remember each time.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

5 Tips on How to Sing High Notes

Lee Music School Presents: Private/ Home Singing, Piano and Guitar Lessons for Lekki/ Ajah Residents.

At the age of 11, Lionel Messi was told he would never become a professional footballer because of a growth hormone deficiency he suffered from, which made him shorter and weaker than the other players. Ten years later he was crowned the best player in the world.

Never allow the doubts or conclusions of others to hold you back. Let it motivate you to work harder to prove them wrong.

Have you been told that you are such a bad singer or instrumentalist who would never make a living out of music? Waste no more time! Take action now to kick start living your musical dreams. Enrollment for private lessons are on. Learn to sing and play the instrument of your choice at your convenient time and pace. We are flexible and dedicated to helping you achieve your specific musical goals.

We offer class and home lessons. Classes run once a week and you can choose your hours between Monday and Friday. Kiddies classes are also available. Fees are affordable. Call +2348132918691 to schedule your classes or WhatsApp +447435240062.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Wow! This is Great! It's Time to Arise and Sing! You Raise Me Up.

Singing is a good exercise for everyone and a good way to kick off stress after school or work. Taking private singing lessons can do so much for you than you will ever know. Music is a healer, a refresher, a blessing, you just name it. Music can even unlock you hidden potentials and help you key into the power that's in you...that power that can make you change the entire world. You don't have to be a musician to sing; anyone can sing. So long as you can talk, you can sing! Don't listen to haters. Don't buy their ideas. Listen to your heart and follow what the still small voice is saying to your heart to this uplifting melody...You Raise Me Up and awake to your life's purpose.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Dream, Believe and Achieve with Lee Music School!!!

You can achieve whatever you want! Every singer can play an instrument and vice versa. Improve your skills today. Add to your musical skill set. Don't be satisfied with your present level of musicality. You have got the power within you to move to the next level. Make a decision to improve yourself today and attain your musical goals. You can do it. Yes! It is possible. Yes! YOU can. No matter how old you think you are...dream, believe and achieve!

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Do You Want to Record Your Cover Songs?

At Lee Music School, we welcome and train artistes who are getting ready to hit the studio in recording covers like Mr Diamond. It is good that you have a vision and a goal as a singer; because without that vision and without that goal you are drifting around and you will end up nowhere. People don’t become successful by accident. What I usually tell singers goes thus: 

Sit down, take your time, and think about why you want to achieve your musical vision and goals. Your reasons will be the fuel that will keep you motivated and keep you going when it gets tough and pull you through till you reach your goals. 
At Lee Music, we are dedicated to your total musical development and success. Call us today to discuss your aims.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Private Guitar Classes for Children in Lagos

Hello People! Hope you all had a nice weekend. Here is to announce to you the commencement of our private guitar classes for children in Lagos, Nigeria. Our classes are usually goal driven and fun so your children will enjoy every minute. To book your classes call us on +2348132918691 or WhatsApp us on +447435240062. 

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Lee Music School Gives a Surprise New Year Gift to All!

Hello People! We hope you are conquering 2017 by the day and achieving your aims. We know you have a lot of plans set out to be carried out this year towards a better life, but we have just this one thing to let your know: Whatever you do, whatever your profession, you need power in your voice. Especially if you are a lawyer, teacher, pastor, lecturer, politician, musician, comedian, voice-over artiste, customer care agent, actor, chorister, just name it. You need a beautiful and healthy voice.

We have decided to give to you as a new year gift and to encourage you to decide to make your voice sound better this year, a FREE three track of singing lessons from our voice training program containing 22 tracks.

If you listen carefully and follow the instructions you well might be on your way to the development of unique and golden tones.

To start the journey of a beautiful voice, Listen here.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Adele is Billboard's Top Artist of the Year For the Third Time! Wow!!!

Adel has just hit another major milestone and Lee Music is celebrating with her.

Adele has had a record year which includes her latest album 25 hitting over 9 million record sales and her hit song “Hello” staying at number 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 for over 10 weeks.

This is the third time she has been honored with top artist – she was also given the title back in 2011 and 2012 with the success of her sophomore album 21.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Private Music Lessons for Adults and Children in Lagos (Lekki, Ajah, Victoria Island - VI, Ikoyi and VGC).

Happy new year once again to all our wonderful clients on the Lagos Island. This year, our classes come with more creativity, collaboration and more fun! Wherever you are on the Island, Lee Music School brings the joy of music down to your doorsteps.

Music learning brings well-rounded development for children, upgrading every area of their lives as they grow. Don't deprive your children of this wonderful gift. In the end you'd be glad you did.

For adults, remember this: when you’re 90 you probably won’t be playing soccer, doing gymnastics or dancing hip hop. But you’ll still be able to play the piano. So while you invest in your future, consider taking piano lessons.

Why you need to take music lessons with LMS:

  • We are affordable
  • Offer discounts for family classes (two or more kids)
  • Our lessons help your children improve their academic skills
  • Our students learn to read sheet music in minutes.
  • Our lessons introduce your children to different cultures
  • Goal oriented
  • We also prepare students for MUSON and ABRSM exams
  • Result-producing and experienced music educators

Do you really want to improve in your singing or instrument playing? Have you paid so much for music classes and have not achieved your musical aims? Call us today on +2348132918691 or Whatsapp +447435240062 to book your classes.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Thursday, 5 January 2017

A Snapshot with Some Nigerian Music Icons

I am so grateful for the support of these great Nigerian music icons who worked with me to ensure that my book launch came out perfectly. On the left is the great trumpeter, Biodun Adebiyi (Biobatik), and on the far right is the head of music department, Lagos State University, Professor Tunji Vidal, who wrote the foreword for my book, Sing Like a Superstar. We also have the NYSC official in ash gown and myself in the Super Eagles jersey. My sincere gratitude goes to you all. God bless you for your contributions towards the success of my music projects.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Recorder Lesson - Kongo Aso by Nice

Enjoy it!

Lee Music School is Giving Out 100 Music Scholarships in 2017!

We are giving out only 100 music scholarships around the world on the 12th of January, 2017. 50% of the scholarships are for Nigerians. Winners will be contacted through Facebook.
How to participate:
Note: YOU NEED 100 POINTS TO QUALIFY! Everyone has a chance, no matter where you are in the world.
Step 1: Like our Facebook page ( and this post on Facebook ( (20 points)
Step 2: Comment on the photo(s) of which instrument you want to learn. (20 points)
Step 3: Share on your wall. (20 points)
Step 4: Tag 15 of your friends. (20 points)
Step 5: Comment on any 5 posts of your choice on this blog. (20 points)
We will contact you afterwards.
Call us on +2348132918691 or Whatsapp +447435240062 if you have any questions.
Good luck!

We Can Help You Achieve Your Musical Dreams!

Because we know the ropes to stardom, we can always help you reach your destination. At Lee Music School, we tailor your our curriculum to your specific goals and help you climb to the pinnacle of your chosen musical path.

Below is a throwback picture of Laura Etemah, Lee Music School owner, taken 2006, displaying her Star Quest 2006 award plaques.

Her ex-band D'accord, won the competition aftershe volunteered to learn and play the bass guitar for the first time, to the amazement of the Nigerian viewers. Hence, votes rolled in massively for D'accord and they emerged winner.

Some of their winning prizes included some millions for album recording, some more millions for pocket money and a trip to London for a MOBO awards performance.

Do you intend to take part in a singing contest and need some vocal coaching? Call us on +2348132918691 to learn the ropes to stardom!