Wednesday, 18 October 2017

10 Powerful Affirmations for Singers

Hello Champion!

Do you have a morning routine? What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Take a cup of tea? Check Facebook and WhatsApp notifications on your phone? Stare at the ceiling for a while? Write down your dreams? Gulp a glass of water? Any of these may work well for you but surely not for everyone. How you spend the first few hours after waking up will determine how much you achieve for the day.

Some people might want to start with prayer, others start with meditation or exercise and so forth. But whatever you start with, ensure to incorporate affirmations in your daily routine.

What are affirmations and why are they important?

Affirmations are sentences aimed to energize, inspire and motivate. Saying affirmations is a proven method of self improvement. They will immediately give you the energy, courage and the mindset you need to win through the day.

Here are 10 affirmations you can use daily to align yourself with your purpose. You can tweak it to suit your unique circumstances.


Stand in front of a mirror and look into you eyes with a smile on your face. Think of a memorable event that makes you happy. Let this feeling of happiness run through your entire being and begin to say the affirmations below, out loud.

1. I am a great singer.
2. I put my heart and my soul into my music.
3. I don't have to be the best singer in the world; I am unique and what I have to offer is needed and valued.
4. Singing is fun, singing is relaxing; and my voice is a gift.
5. I love to sing and people can feel it.
6. I open up and let my voice flow through me.
7. I am grateful for my voice and for my talent. 8. The Creative Spirit moves through me.
9. I am creative and I live in abundance.
10. I never stop learning and I never stop growing!

HOW DO YOU FEEL? Let me know in the comment box.

Also, if you had to make it up to 15 affirmations,
write in the comment box your additional 5 affirmations. Let the Creative Spirit within you flow!

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Four Powerful Vocal Exericises that will Lauch Your True Singing Voice by Laura Etemah

Learn the secrets of good singing that the professionals are keeping away from you!

In the video, I have demonstrated 4 powerful vocal exercises that will help you open up your authentic voice for singing and speaking:

1. The lip rolls
2. The tongue trill
3. The hum and
4. The 'weeeee' sound.

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Wednesday, 11 October 2017


It is that time of the year when singers prepare for Christmas concerts. A lot of rehearsals and singing are going on and you want to ensure your voice is in good shape to meet up with the rigours of practice and performance. You want to get your voice well warmed up for all your singing activities with my FREE voice training audio tracks. 

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Monday, 9 October 2017

How Can Playing An Instrument Enhance My Life as an Adult?

There is a school of thought which promotes music education in children, stating that learning an instrument helps develop the brain of children, and hence makes them smarter. But you may wonder...what about the adults? Are there any benefits left for them to reap in music after the kids take it all? Oh yes!

One of the benefits of music is that it promotes relaxation, good health, clear mind and gives you, as an adult, an extra gift of a bubbling life for the time spent on it. Did you know that playing a musical instrument at the early hours of the morning has a formatting effect on the brain? It clears your mind and gets you ready for the day's tasks.

Time with music is always a refreshing blessing. Therefore find that musical activity that you resonate with and rewire your brain for a resounding success!
For information on our private music classes, call +2348132918691.

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Saturday, 7 October 2017

Rehearsal Time - The Champion Song - See My Name in Gold, I'm a Winner!

Do you remember this MTN Project Fame West Africa classic? We are so missing Project Fame Season 10 so we decided to reminisce the good times spent watching the former seasons.

Friday, 6 October 2017

What They Do Not Want You To Know About Singing

As the writing of my book - Overcoming Your Singing Challenges - unfolds, one of the nuggets I'd like to share with singers is this:

There are certain secrets professional singers don't want you to know about! Why? If you knew these secrets, you would shine like them. You would get hired more. You would get more fans. Your records sell more! You get to win that singing contest. You get more invitations!

Do they really want this? Hell NO! If they did, they'd have since shared these secrets with you. They are afraid of competition. They do not want you to meet up with their superstar status.

If you have been dissatisfied about the sound of your voice and are stuck as to how to unlock your star quality voice, make this Saturday a date with me, as I facilitate a singing workshop that will demystify reasons why you are not singing like a superstar. You will learn the secrets of the stars and launch into a rewarding singing career. I will share with you strategies I applied to win the prestigious Star Quest reality tv show. More so, you will have access to many more secrets from my book which already has over 55 down payments. I haven't even launched yet!

The book is priced at N4,000 but I will be giving it away for half the price (N2,000) to all the workshop attendees (only a limited number will be admitted). Want the book? Want info on the singing workshop? Comment 'Interested'.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Why You Love to Learn Music

Tell me,

Of what use would it be if you learned to play music just for show off?

Of what benefit would it be to mankind if you learned to sing because you want to flaunt your melodious voice?

Or wait! Do you want to learn music so you could become world's most famous star?

Hmmmm...who knows? Maybe that's why things have not been working out well! Maybe you need to redirect your motives for a greater purpose.

You learn music so you can share in the gift of love and togetherness.

You learn music so you can appreciate the beauty in all things.

You learn music so you can see the positive side of every situation.

You learn music so you can expand in the awareness of your environment and build teamwork, cooperation, patience and truth.

You learn music so you can experience boundless peace, joy and freedom.

You learn music to shift your consciousness away from the complicated to the gracious and simple things of life.

You learn music to discover yourself and shine your light to help others discover themselves.

You learn music so you can find a worthy excape from the worries of life.

You learn music in order to put others first.

You learn music to help you connect your body, mind and soul, therefore, making you enough and complete. This way, you are able to connect on a profound level with others; whether you know them or not.

You learn music so you could partake in the celebration of life, passion and dreams-come-true.

You learn music so you could stand for yourself, your interests and the voiceless.

You learn music so you can heal the world.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Here are some FREE Voice Training Tips for You

Looking to warm-up your voice from the comfort of your home or your car?
The full 22 - track CD costs only N5,000. To get your copy, call, Whatsapp or text us on +2348132918691.

The Feedback Speaks Volumes! See What Our Clients/ Students are Saying

When you know your onions, the feedbacks tell the story. It's not just about the classes, topics, explanations and the likes. The real impact is when we follow you up until you reach your goals. Have you had a great experience with us? Do let us know in the comment box.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Ditch Your Limitations in Singing and Embrace Your Greatness!

A lot of people are stagnant due to mindset blocks.

“I have gone to many music schools but can't still sing!” “ Only gifted people can do it.”
"I am a guy and can't compete with the ladies in singing. They know it better."
“I was discouraged from singing by my choirmaster so I have lost interest.”
"People say I can't do it, so let me just leave it"
"I might not have the time to learn to sing because of work and family."
"Only stars can succeed with music, I am just an ordinary person."
"My voice cracks when I sing, I can't go high, I sing off key and can't control my breathing when singing."

These are just a few examples of the kind of mindset that sets you back from becoming that megastar singer you have always wanted to become!
In my Vocal Champion Mastermind (VIP) Group on Facebook that mindset is changed. You are transformed into a musical star, you are taught that boundaries don’t exist. Above all, you are pushed to be the best version of YOU.

YOU DESERVE GREATNESS! THE WORLD IS WAITING TO HEAR YOUR VOICE! Don’t settle for average. Join the VIP Lounge for singers - beginners to professionals and unlock that musical greatness in you. To join, click the link:

Have you registered for our FREE voice training workshop? Drop us a comment if you are interested. Take advantage of this training and GRAB your copy of the book: Overcoming your Singing Challenges! 

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Overcome All your Singing Challenges Once and for All!

Do you finding it difficult to sing high notes? Do you sing off key? Does your voice get tired of singing sometimes? Do you find it hard to sustain high notes? Are you shy to sing? Do you have stage fright? Are you preparing for a singing audition and you really want to win? Does your voice crack When you sing? Don't know how to sing in harmony or different voice parts?


Overcoming Your Singing Challenges - NOW OUT for only N4,000!

A FREE copy goes out to first 20 to register for our FREE voice training workshop which comes up on the 7th of October, 2017 at Commercial Avenue, Yaba, Lagos.

NOTE: Apart from a FREE copy of the book, everyone who attends the workshop will get a FREE 30 minutes and a FREE  consultation session with the celebrity vocal coach - Laura Etemah.


For more information about workshop, see

OR message us on Whatsapp: 08132918691.

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No problem, call +2348132918691 to get your copy e-mailed to you for only N2,000 (half the price)!!!


It also contains vocal exercises that will breakthrough every limitation you've ever experienced with your singing.

Stop whinning and grinding about your vocal problems. Na who complain epp?

Call us today for your copy and launch your star quality voice to your fans all-around the globe!

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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Free Singing Workshop in Lagos - Nigeria.


DATE: OCTOBER 7, 2017.

TIME: 11am - 1PM



1. Excersises to expand your range
2. Build a flexible/ powerful voice
3. Tackle breath control challenges
4. Improve vocal stamina
5. Sing high notes with ease
6. Tips for ad libs, riffs & run
7. Free style & karaoke sessions
8. Sing in harmony/ audition tips
9. Learn powerful vocal exercises that will transform your voice!
10. Individual vocal diagnostic session with facilitator.


The first 20 to register will pick up a free copy of my book titled: HOW TO OVERCOME YOUR SINGING CHALLENGES.


Print, fill, scan and send registration form ( to
Come to venue with original copy.

DEADLINE for registration: October 1st, 2017.

All registrations after deadline will ATTRACT a FEE of N2,000!

For more information, contact us:


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Enhance Your Passion for Music and Live the Life of Your Dreams!

What are you doing about that burning passion for playing your favourite musical instrument? Or is it a crazy love for expressing your soulful feelings through singing? For how long are you going to dream of becoming a super star? Time waits for no one really. Did you know that only 30 minutes of daily pracrice on your instrument makes you a pro in a just 6 months?! That's what a brilliantly planned timing can do for you.

Having known this, you have no reason to waste anymore time! Contact Lee Ellie Music School today and we will help you discover the full potential of your singing voice; and your flair for playing musical instruments will be fired up into smoking stardom!

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How to Attract a Record Label and Get a Record Contract in Nigeria.

Hello Singers!

I just wrapped up a lesson with a new singer that was just sent to me from a record label on the Lagos Island. She had initially recorded her single but needed to revamp her voice which has been acting up as a result of underuse and inappropriate dieting habits. (As a singer, you really want to be careful with what goes into your mouth).

This was her first lesson and she was BLOWN AWAY by the ease with which she was finally able to reach those high and tasking notes in her latest single. Not only that, she was literally OUT SINGING her own recording!

Now, this is a typical reaction from new students and even clients we’ve taught for years. We are in the business of vocal transformation so, I was not surprised at how quickly she grew in the first lesson. And I told her….this is ONLY the beginning!

I write to you today to explain WHY it’s just the beginning after only one lesson. Some artistes want to book just one voice training class and hop off to a concert or to the studio. I discourage this a lot because it is not professional. Your voice does not get an adequate workout in just one session. One session is not going to bring you the goods! I usually recommend a package of at least five to ten sessions, where we can easily make a solid plan to help you reach your goals – whether in performance or recording.

For clarity, let me break it down a bit more. When a student takes his/her first vocal lesson, it is strictly diagnostic. Sure, you’re going to sing a little and you’ll work on different scales and exercises, but I am mainly listening to your voice and assessing your skill level. The intention is to make a PLAN to fit your vocal needs so that you can be fast-tracked to reaching your goals! 

I write to you today to explain WHY it’s just the beginning. Some artistes want to book just one voice training class and hop off to a concert or to the studio. I discourage this a lot because it is not professional. Your voice does not get an adequate workout in just one session. One session is not going to bring you the goods! I usually recommend a package of at least five to ten sessions, where we can easily make a solid plan to help you reach your goals – whether in performance or recording.

For clarity, let me break it down a bit more. When a student takes his/her first vocal lesson, it is strictly diagnostic. Sure, you’re going to sing a little and you’ll work on different scales and exercises, but I am mainly listening to your voice and assessing your skill level. The intention is to make a PLAN to fit your vocal needs so that you can be fast-tracked to reaching your goals! 
So, if the first lesson is limited to diagnostic research into who you are as a singer, you may be thinking what happens in the second lesson? 
In the second lesson you will receive an incredible daily workout for your voice that you can record onto your phone during the lesson. This is the perfect tool for implementing daily vocal exercises. 

BUT…..Lee Music School is not just a vocal coaching studio. We are an “Artiste Development Studio” which is where the real value of our program comes into play.  This is typically introduced in the third lesson of the package.

If you are an artist or at least, an aspiring one and serious about developing your craft; if you are looking for record label attention, or for a way to set yourself apart from all of the other singers, then you HAVE to be artistically AND stylistically unique in this industry. 

So, if you haven’t moved past the first two lessons, you are missing out on a whole new world of vocal knowledge and development! And the KEY to making you INTERESTING and ALLURING to your audience and perhaps even a record label or a music manager.

Are you ready to take on the journey to your vocal transformation? Are you ready to drop that hit track? Are you ready to become the next big thing in the world’s music scene? Contact us today and we will help you chart your course to mega stardom!

Dr. Laura Etemah

Are you tired of spending a fortune on singing lessons but cannot still appreciate your voice? Are you unsure of your singing abilities? Do you want to develop the full potential of your voice and attract a record label? Do you want to record your own songs but are financially unstable? Reach out to us today and get the help you need!

Direct Inquiry Line: +2348132918691

Sunday, 17 September 2017


Hello friends, we live in a time when information is so abundant for whatever purpose you might need it. For this reason, it is appropriate to say that no one in this age and time is permitted to be poor because there are boundless opportunities for us all to be comfortably rich! DO YOU WANT TO make a 7-figure income this year, even if there are barely four months left in the year??? Did I hear you say YES??? Then follow instructions given on the poster above. 

See you at the top!

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Tell Us Your Singing Challenge and We Shall Help You Resolve It.

Are you a singer or an aspiring singer? Do you find it difficult to sing high notes? Can't adlib, do a riff or run? Or do you often sing off key? Forget your lyrics? Unable to follow the beat of a song? Find it a challenge to sing in parts or harmonize? No vocal power? Short range or breath problems? Can't sustain a long note or do a vibrato? Voice gets tired too quickly? Got voice cracks or a raspy voice? Too shy to sing? Stage fright? Or poor tone quality?

YOU JUST NAME IT and win a free voice training session with Lee Ellie!


Note: ONLY the first 10 to comment will QUALIFY. Good luck!!!

What is that game-changing thingy you need to activate in the lives of your children?

 The benefits of music in the lives of children cannot be overemphasized. Music helps to mould children into the awesomeness they were created to manifest.

If you had the opportunity to bring the joy of music into the lives of children, what instrument would you start off with, to introduce to them?

Write your response in the comment box and take note of the other comments.

If you add your email to the tab at the top right corner of this page, you will get Free musical tips straight into your inbox.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Dr. Laura Etemah

How Badly do You Want to Achieve Your Musical Dreams?The

The director of Lee Ellie Music School, Laura Etemah, in a snapshot with Stephany Ghaida.


Watch our very own Stephany Ghaida (The Proper Naija Oyinbo) make waves!!! She took voice lessons and the artiste grooming course with Lee Ellie Music School ( and now she is set for stardom as she shoots her second music video with P-Square- The Official Page !!!

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Let's show her some love!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Tips on How to Pick a Singing Instructor in Lagos - Nigeria.

Choosing a voice teacher is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a beginning singer who resides in Lagos. A voice teacher who is a great fit for your unique personality and goals can take you a long way in your vocal development and musical goals, but an instructor who is not the best fit may hinder your growth unnecessarily. There are many good instructors out there; it’s just a matter of finding the right one for you. Here are a few tips that will help you know what to look for.

Any Personal Connection?
First and foremost, it is critical that you have a good personal connection with your voice teacher, beyond their resume and credentials. Pay attention to how you feel when meeting them for the first time, do you feel comfortable? Do you feel like you can be yourself? Does conversation flow easily? Do you have fun with them? Your voice teacher will be like your therapist in that you will likely share a lot of thoughts and feelings with them, as music performance is an emotional art. Vocal study involves working with an instrument that is inside your body and is mainly controlled through abstract imagery and mind-body connection, therefore a student-teacher relationship requires a high degree of trust and the ability to be vulnerable.

Versatility with musical genres
Unless you are a pre-professional vocalist pursuing a well-thought-out career in a niche music market, it is best to work with a teacher who can help you dabble in many different vocal genres, including pop, rock, classical, broadway, jazz, and others. Most beginning musicians don’t know exactly what type of venues they’ll end up performing in, and even if they do, the career lifespan of a singer is likely to change over the years. Not only will a versatile instructor help you become more marketable as a performer or teacher, they will also help you see the strengths and weaknesses of your instrument as highlighted through the many lenses that varied genres can provide.

Active performance career
A voice teacher who is still actively performing, in addition to teaching, is a plus. Active performers are out in the field learning new skills and encountering new challenges as they perform, and will bring these innovations back to share with students. 

Extensive technical knowledge
Although credentials aren’t everything, they are still an important element in choosing a voice teacher, since you will be paying good money in hopes of tangible results. Ask to see a resume, if they don’t have one already provided on their website. In addition, look for at least 2 years of working experience.

Ask for references
If an instructor checks off all the above items, a final step is to ask for a couple of references. Call their past or current students and ask them what it’s like to work with this instructor, what they like best about the teacher’s approach, and whether or not they are helping the student reach their vocal music goals. It’s important to get the perspective of an outside party when making your final decision.

Trial lesson
Through a combination of the elements above, you’ll be able to get a pretty clear picture of what an instructor is like and how they will contribute to your vocal education. Diving in and experiencing a few lessons will be the best way to get to know an instructor’s value. Remember, if you start working with someone and change your mind, you can always try a different instructor later; in fact, for very serious students it can be beneficial to study with two different teachers who offer a variety of skills simultaneously.

More resources
For more detailed information about vocal technique and starting your musical education, send us a message through our Facebook page: Add your email to the message to receive a FREE voice training audio file. To receive our free musical tips straight to your inbox, add your email to the box at the top right of this page. We'd also appreciate if you LIKE our Facebook page and invite your friends to do the same.
If you have additional questions about selecting a voice teacher, don’t hesitate to contact us through text, WhatsApp or call +2348132918691. Please drop a comment to let us know your thoughts about this post.
Have a lovely week!

Dr. Laura Etemah

Sunday, 10 September 2017

How Learning to Play a Musical Instrument Can Benefit You and Your Family

Hello Friends, I am Laura Etemah, the Director of Lee Ellie Music School; and an advocate of music education. I am also dedicated to evangelizing the benefits of music to my Naija people.

Music makes you smart. And if you are already smart it makes you smarter. Ever wondered why things are so organized abroad? In USA and many other developed countries, Music is compulsory for all junior grade pupils. Why? Because they want the children to imbibe good morals so they could grow up with it and be good citizens.

Music teaches discipline, teamwork, focus, patience, tolerance, builds self-esteem, develops the brain, speech and vocabulary in children and aids in listening. With music in your life, you become more grounded and joyous.

The power of music has long been discovered by the Oyinbos that's why you must find a musical instrument in almost every whiteman' s house.

What more can I say but to encourage my very own Naija people to follow suit. Get involved with music, get your children involved and remember to share your testimonies when you begin to enjoy the benefits of music?

Are you ready to pick up a musical instrument? Do you want to work with an experienced, skilled, understanding and loving teacher? Find out how to here:

You can also contact us here: +2348132918691.

I personally invite you to LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE this post to get more people to join the music train so that we all can win together! Yes we can!

Yours musically,

 Dr. Laura Etemah.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

How to Play Mary Had a Little Lamb on the Guitar - Kids' Music Lessons in Lagos

How would you feel when you are able to play your favourite tune on your choice instrument? Watch this adorable child as he plays and see how he celebrates afterwards.

If you had a scholarship with us to learn your favourite instrument, what instrument would you pick?

Do COMMENT, LIKE and SHARE. We'd love to hear from you.

Have a great week!

Sunday, 27 August 2017

She Killed Davido's Song 'If' on this Little Instrument!

Lee Ellie Music Students form a band and this wonderful 12 year old girl killed Davido's song on the recorder. Watch, subscribe to our YouTube channel and share until Davido sees it.

We Celebrate Stephanie Ghaida as She Takes Her Singing Career to the Next Level


See one of our voice students in a collabo with P-Square:

It's a beautiful feeling for us at Lee Ellie Music School to see our alumnus excel in the Nigerian music industry. Congratulations dear! There is no shortcut to success.

Stephany Ghaida worked hard for this. And I am so happy for her parents who understood her passion for music and gave her a great support. Watch some of her videos here:

Do you want to build your voice for professional singing? Contact Lee Ellie Music School today and commence your unique adventure to vocal stardom!

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Are Your Kids Part of the Next Generation of Pianists in Training?

The upcoming generation of Instrumentalists are in the making. At Lee Ellie Music School we have a strict practice routine which is a key contributor to the  success of our lovely students. Call us today to register your children for quality music education. 08132918691.

Do you know a parent who needs our services? Kindly share our posts with them and WIN a surprise gift. Comment done after sharing. Have a lovely weekend.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Where to Get the Very Best of Violin Lessons for Adults in Lagos, Nigeria.

Dont wait till you are 80 before you pick up an instrument. Learning to play an instrument as an adult has many benefits including health. Give yourself a chance to live your dreams. Register for our private violin classes today. Call or WhatsApp us on +2348132918691. More about us on

Looking for a Music School on the Lagos Mainland?

When kids gather to play music, expect the best. Our music workshop has been fun and exciting. All these talented kids are able to pull unique stunts on keys. Some have proved to be future music teachers, performers and producers. Have you got kids who show signs of musical ability? Bring them in for training. Contact us on +2348132918691. More about us on

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Attention: Free Voice Training Program for Lagos Residents. Offer Ends Soon!!!


YAY!!! You can now train your voice professionally and be in full confidence for that audition, competition, speech, performance, presentation, recording or immigration from any part of the world! Only a few copies of CD left. Grab yours today and experience a new world of vocal transformation and freedom.

1. Hit high notes with precision
2. Improve tone
3. Gain vocal strength and balance
4. Develop vocal flexibility and agility
5. Expand your vocal range and MUCH MORE!!!

Get your copy TODAY and win a FREE voice training session with our head vocal coach from the United States of America.

Hurry! Offer ends soon!!!

Share with friends and family today. Contact +234 813 291 8691 for more info.

Monday, 31 July 2017

5 Reasons Why Retirement is the Best Time to Learn to Play an Instrument.

If you’ve recently made the leap into full-time retirement, you may be finding yourself with a lot of extra time on your hands. There are plenty of ways to fill that time, from book clubs to board games and painting to yoga.
But if you’re interested in taking up a hobby that will enhance your mind and body, that can be enjoyed on your own, and that can open doors to new friendships, you just may want to consider learning to play an instrument.
Maybe you’re thinking that retirement is much too late in life to learn an instrument. That ship has sailed, right?
Well, think again! Studies show that there are bountiful benefits to learning new musical skills during your retirement. In fact, retirement may be the best time to study a new instrument.
Check out our top 5 reasons why you should learn to play an instrument in your golden years (whether retired or not):

1. It will keep you mentally active and help you stay sharp.

Learning to play a musical instrument is one of the best mental workouts available. The act of learning stimulates an area of the brain that’s involved with memory and concentration, putting you on the winning side of the “use it or lose it” dilemma.
Not to mention, taking part in cognitively challenging activities is proven to have a positive effect on warding off Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

2. You will reap a variety of physical health benefits.

Learning a new instrument isn’t just good for your mind, it’s good for your body, too.
Playing an instrument can increase coordination and slow certain aging conditions, such as osteoporosis and loss of muscle mass. These conditions occur when levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) get too low. In this study, blood tests indicated a 90% increase in levels of HGH in seniors who were given keyboard lessons, meaning they experienced a decrease in their risk of muscle and bone loss.

3. Making music is therapeutic.

Have you ever noticed that listening to music can lift your spirits, calm you down and improve your mood? According to researchers, those positive effects are amplified when you’re the one creating those soothing melodies.
Sitting down with an instrument to create music is a great way to blow off steam, release stress, express yourself, and spend time reflecting. We are glad to hint you that learning to make music can help retirees overcome depression and anxiety.

4. It will make you happier.

Making music has intrinsic value – meaning that people enjoy doing it simply for the sake of doing it, and not as a means for achieving any specific end result. When we take part in an activity that has intrinsic value, we experience instant satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness.
Not only is making music incredibly fun, but you’ll feel great about yourself as you notice your musical abilities improving over time.

5. You’ll find new ways to connect with others.

Who says that learning an instrument has to be a solo act? By taking the leap into music-making, you’ll be exposed to a whole new set of opportunities to build relationships and connect with others. At Lee Ellie Music School, we love it when you invite friends and family members to play with you, or when you put your skills to use by performing in community events.
If you have grandchildren, learning an instrument will provide you with yet another chance to bond with them. You can teach them what you know, or even take lessons together!
Whether you’re interested in learning to play an instrument for the health benefits or just for the simple joy of it, you’ll certainly enjoy many benefits that will enrich your retirement experience.
Would you consider learning to play an instrument during your retirement or even as an active CEO or VIP? Which instrument would you like to play? Tell your story in the comments below!
Looking for a place to become part of a community and make some lasting friendships with like-minded people in similar life circumstances? Join Lee Ellie Music School today! Connect with our celebrity music teacher who will keep you engaged at every age or level.

Connect with us on Facebook:

Call Lee Ellie Music School  today on 08132918691

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Summer Violin Classes in Lagos, Nigeria - Lee Ellie Music School.

Are you a busy adult looking for an opportunity to explore your talent in musical instrument playing?

At Lee Ellie Music School there is a personalized and customized class for each  student that matches the individual's dreams and goals. No doubts, Lee Ellie Music School is the best music school in Nigeria.

Call us today for your personal adventure into the joyful world of music: +2348132918691.
+447435240062 (WhatsApp)

Friday, 14 July 2017

Meet the Best Music Teacher in Lagos Nigeria - Lee Ellie Music School

Lee Ellie Music School gives quality music education at all levels. Do you want your choir to learn to read music and sight-sing? Contact us today on +2348132918691. See more videos on this channel and on our blog: You are welcome to SUBSCRIBE and SHARE.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Achieve Your Musical Dreams with Lee Ellie Music School, Lagos - Nigeria

Lee Ellie Music School leads the industry in music instruction and customer service. Our professionally trained and experienced staff of music teachers have helped students of various skill levels and ages achieve their musical dreams.

To find out more about us, call +2348132918691 or log on to

Artiste Grooming Session At Lee Ellie Music School, Lagos - Nigeria

Lee Ellie Music School offers private music lessons to top-notch clients. We also offer fun, motivating and personalized music lessons to VIPs, CEOs, celebrities, busy executives in the comfort of their homes. For more information on how to book your classes, log on to you can also reach us directly on +2348132918691 or whatsApp +447435240062.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Summer Holiday Music Programs for Children in Lagos-Nigeria

The holidays have begun and the time is right to embark on a musical adventure! Which would you like your kids to learn? Strings, keys, valves or membranes? We've got well trained teachers who are more than willing to support them. Holla at us now and let's get rolling!

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Our Recorder Lessons for Kids in Lagos, Nigeria are Fun

Hello friends of Lee Music School. It's summer time and our holiday music program for children in Lagos has started. What are you waiting for? Get your instruments ready and holla at us on +2348132918691 to book your classes on singing, piano, guitar, violin, trumpet, recorder etc.

We are excited to hear from you soon. Enjoy the rest of the week!

Monday, 26 June 2017

Private Violin Lessons for Children in Lekki, VGC, Ikoyi and VI Lagos-Nigeria

Are you tired of investing so much in getting your children to play musical instruments and not succeeding for whatever reason. Worry not, at Lee Music School, we know how to get your kids moving their fingers on strings and keys. At the end of 4 classes, you will witness a remarkable difference. And in case you didn't know, Lee Music School is the best in Nigeria and we help both adults and kids find their unique niches within the captivating world of music.

To book your classes, contact us on +2348132918691. Watch videos of our superkids playing on www.facebook/lauraetemah. com

Saturday, 3 June 2017

The Best Private Music Tuition in Lagos, Nigeria.

Are you interested in booking for a music classes with Lee Ellie Music School? Call us us on +2348132918691. We are excited to help me you achieve your musical goals. Also see or WhatsApp +4474352490062.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Is It Too Late For Adults To Learn To Play The Violin??? A Must Watch!!!

Deciding to learn a new instrument as an adult can be an adventurous experience. It is common belief that people lose interest in learning something new as they grow older. But with music, it is a more exciting ball game altogether. 

At Lee Music School, we help adults to delve into a new passion through the path of music. We are well known for making the magic happen. So, it is never too late to dust off that violin and visit us today for a rewarding private violin class. 

Call us today on +2348132918691, WhatsApp +447435240062 or check us out on to book a 30 minute FREE trial class.

Private Guitar Lessons for Children in Lagos: How Much Benefit Does Music Hold for Your Kids?

Learning music gives you the opportunity to explore and discover a new talent and passion. Music is always around us and the skills you will develop in a private music class for useful for life! Amongst the benefits that music offers are:

  • Self-esteem boost
  • Improved academic skills
  • Refined organizational and time management skills
  • Improved focus and discipline
  • Strengthened respiratory system
  • Sharpened concentration and much more! 
Don't hesitate to enroll your child for private music lessons if he/ she needs to improve in mathematics, reading and comprehension. Learning music also helps to relieve stress and correct anti-socialism in children. More so, learning to play an instrument will inspire creativity, promote cultural integration and create in you a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment which in turn results in a fulfilled life.

At Lee Ellie Music School, we have competent teachers who will ensure you play at least 10 songs on your choice instrument by your 4th class. We work with students from age four and at all level of musical development - beginners, intermediate and advanced.

  • Register for a term (four months) today and get a 20% discount.
  • Call us today on +2348132918691 or WhatsApp +447435240062 to book for a FREE 30 minute trial class.
  • Refer a friend and get 5 tracks of FREE VOICE TRAINING audio files.
To visit us for a chat at 11, Agard Street, Sabo - Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria, give us a call or email to book an appointment.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Catch Them Young - Piano Lessons for Children in Lagos

For more information on Music lessons for children in Lagos, call +2348132918691 or log on to

We are looking forward to sharing the joy of music with you and your family!

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Laura Etemah - Facilitating at the Explode Event

Facilitating at the explode event about 5 years ago was a great experience for me. I was to take along Millicent who was one of the Big Brother Africa's contestant for that year. I was glad she showed up to speak with the youths. It was great listening to Linda Ikeji speak about her blog multi-million naira blog. In fact, Linda's speech gave birth to my blog! 

I just bumped unto the Explode page and saw my profile.:log on here to see it. It's been quite a journey and I want to thank all who have supported my dreams one way or the other. I have always wanted to help people discover their true singing voices and I appreciate the Peculiar Media Limited for giving me the opportunity to be an inspiration to the youths I spoke to. Surprisingly, till today, they still contact me!

Lee Music School - Essential Vocal Warm-up Exercises for the Choir

Regular vocal warm-up exercises help to loosen the voice and promote flexibility and a good tone. It is good practice to start choir practice with  some tension-releasing exercises as we have  in the video. Call us to groom your choir and chorus singers: 

Phone: +2348132918691 

WhatsApp: +447435240062

Lee Music School - Choir Practice - Guess Who is Singing?!

Lee Music School takes on the Abba House Choir - a contemporary choir; and they are trying out harmonies with hymns in the video above. Singing is such a beautiful exercise which naturally keeps your body, spirit and soul in alignment. Does your church choir need to step up their musical skills? Lee Music School is happy to help you achieve that. Call us today on +2348132918691 or check on us on:

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Lee Music School - Private/ Home Piano, Guitar, Violin, Saxophone, Drum and Singing Lessons in Lekki/ Ajah Axis, Lagos - Nigeria.

Lee Music School teaches both at homes and in classes. The video shows one of our private home singing lessons at Lekki, Lagos-Nigeria. We stand as the best music school in Lagos and our specialty is private/ home teaching. We also have home classes in piano, guitar, violin, recorder, saxophone and music production. Call us on +2348132918691 or log on to to book your music classes.

Monday, 13 March 2017

How Could She Do This on the First Day of Class???

Violin lessons for adults: At Lee Music School, we help you reach your goals at the shortest possible time, thereby helping you save time and money. The lady in the video is a total beginner. Her progress today is awesome! How we do it is our unique secret in the music education industry of Nigeria.

Call us today on +2348132918691 for your classes in singing, piano, saxophone, guitar, drums and of course, violin.

Lee Music School is here to serve you better! 

Sunday, 12 March 2017

A Young and Talented Nigerian Singer/ Songwriter Gets Trained by Lee Music School, Lagos-Nigeria

Lee Music School specializes in helping talents achieve their musical dreams. In the artiste grooming class above, one of our voice students is being prepared to launch into the music industry. She is a young Gospel singer with great prospects. Watch out for her!

To book your artiste grooming classes in Lagos, call us on +2348132918691 or WhatsApp +447435240062.


Kids' Group Singing Class

Hope you are all having a great day today. It is my pleasure to connect with you once again and thank you for your continued readership and engagement with this blog and more for your love of music. I also want to thank you for your comments, questions sent to my email and for sharing my posts with your Facebook contacts.

During my national youth service days when I served as the music director for NYSC Lagos, I carried out some music community development projects in favour of youths and children and my campaign was not well received because the officials who were to approve the project could not connect with the benefits of music to the age group I was targeting. I clearly remember a zonal officer saying, “This is jamboree!” I was frozen because I knew what it meant – the project would not be approved!

Being a beneficiary of the benefits of music, with my faculties well developed, thanks to music learning; I went into brainstorming to find a way out, the result of which led to the approval of my music projects. After the implementation of which I had an award from the Lagos State governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN).

What did I do to break past the protocols and get my darling projects approved???