Wednesday, 23 December 2015

We Greet Our Reader from Mountain View, California, USA!

Hello reader from Mountain View California USA, we want to use this opportunity to thank you for regularly visiting our blog. We see you are always the first to read our posts. We have gifts for our regular readers. Feel free to drop a comment on any of our posts that you like so that we can contact you for your gift. Thanks and God bless you. Have a nice holiday!

Practice Makes Perfect!

This is what we do to perfect our art. We love to practice. This makes us better at what we do. Hope you are practising too!

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Happy Holidays from Lee Vocal Studios!

We wish all our customers home and abroad a great festive season. God bless you all! We hope to continue giving the best of music tutorials in 2016. Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year in advance!!!

Friday, 20 November 2015

The Joy of Music!

Whatever be your age, music can still speak to you. Music can help you get through heartbreaks and the stress of life. Music is the magical renewer and can give you all the refreshment you need to live a fulfilled life. Be you a banker, a medical doctor, a student, a Pastor, house wife or a sportsman, music can make you better at what you do. Take some time out to learn a musical instrument today and change your life forever! Lee Music School welcomes people from all walks of life. So get on your phone and give us a call or send a WhatsApp message to book a class. Do you know, I was first a Geologist before I became a Musician? So leave all your worries behind and join the music train for a better ride. Cheers all!

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Best Music School in Lagos-Nigeria is in Session. Book your Private/ Home Teaching and Group Classes Now.

Here's to inform Lagos residents, immigrants across the world who are coming to live or work in Lagos that Lee Music School is all set to give music lessons to students of all ages in singing, theory and various instruments (piano, guitar, violin, recorder, etc). We await your calls, WhatsApp messages (+2348132918691) and E-mails to book your classes. We are the best music school for kids in Lagos Nigeria and our class lessons have also been fashioned in such a way as to give you privacy, a conducive environment and a great opportunity to grow musically. So hurry and book your classes. We look forward to hearing from you soonest. Thank you!

Work in Progress

Friday, 16 October 2015

Let Us Build Great Future Leaders. Register Your Child to Learn an Instrument Today!

Do you know that there is need for us to teach our children about teamwork and provide them with a positive learning environment to have fun? Although not every child may get a trophy, but the desire to triumph over challenges, have good self-esteem, and value excellence will be learnt as they get involved in the learning process. Let us build future leaders who know the meaning of hard work and commitment.

We offer educative and inspiring classes in music, reading and arts for children between the ages of 5 – 17 years. Adult classes are also available. Be a part of these life-transforming moments. Register with us at Lee Music School today! See "Contact Us" for details on how to reach us.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Laura Etemah in a Ministration at the MFM Guitar Choir Concert 2015

No matter what you go though as a Christian - tribulation, persecution, disappointment, name it! Don't ever let your situation take your focus away from your ultimate destination, heaven. Listen and be blessed.

Have your Clarinet, Violin, Piano and Saxophone Classes right in your Home in Lagos Nigeria!

Hey! Good to know you are set to join these youngsters to have some fun on your choice instrument. We are waiting to have you in our exciting classes. We are prepared to bring the fun to your house! So, get on your phone and give us a call on +2348132918691.

Register for Trumpet Classes in Lagos, Nigeria!

Hello There! Been a while! Hope y'all are doing fine. Just to announce to you the commencement of our trumpet classes. Now is the time to trump like never before. Email or call us. Hurry! Registration is on!!!

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

How to Book Your Singing and Instrument Classes with Lee Music School Lagos

Hello people, good to have you back in 2015. We appreciate God for His steadfast love and mercy He showed us all throughout the wonderful year 2014. This is another brand new year for our glories to arise and shine! Another year of victory in every area of our lives and another year of multiple restoration and unparalleled favour for us all in Jesus' name.

I am happy to inform you all that we have recruited teachers to take you on various instruments both at home and in class; depending on what you want. This year  is going to be fun! I can feel it! Trust you can too!

Now, about booking your classes. We have discovered that the overall interest of people of all nationalities and cultures have increased! This is good news for us and we have been able to detect this by the increased volume of calls we receive from both old and young as regards singing and instrument training. Sometimes, we are not able to respond to all. Hence, we have come up with an efficient way to take all your requests for music classes for a perfect delivery of your lessons.

As mentioned earlier, the number of students we have to respond to is large. We have now deactivated our line for calls and opened it for whatsapp messages. This way, everyone can get through with a message and get a response. No more busy lines blocking incoming calls. Therefore all correspondences should go to +2348132918691.

For those of you who do not use whatsapp, send an email to You will be properly attended to. Hope this makes you happy. We are here to serve you better. Also, do not forget to register your email with us on this site so that you can receive all our updates.

Thank you so much and God bless you.