Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Piano Lessons for 4-Year Olds at Lee Music School

Hello parents! Congratulations on the resumption of your children to school. It almost felt like the holidays would go on forever! Good to know that our kids can go back to school and learn. We thank God for keeping the highly dreaded ebola disease away from us all. By this time, you are sure to be booking private classes with your children's subject teachers. Just a reminder that you don't forget to put Music lessons on the top of the list. Why should this be so? In case you do not know, teaching a child to sing and play instruments is as good as teaching the child to do everything else he needs to learn to survive. So, before you total your budget, remember to give us a call on +2348132918691 or send a mail to to book classes on piano, guitar, violin, recorder and singing for your kids! That's Meriem, a 4-year old from France up there on the piano. Bring in your kids to join he fun!