Friday, 17 January 2014

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Lee Music School is now on Facebook

You can now find Lee Music School on Facebook. Join us there and spread the good news. Have a fabulous 2014! Here is the link:

Monday, 6 January 2014

You Can Only Find This Here - Star Quest 2006 Video

Good to see my fellow female Star Quest contestants after a long time! Hmmm...that was those days.

Free Instrument and Singing Classes for You!

Here's a chance for you to improve your singing or playing skills for free. This is a new year offer to all my blog visitors. All you need do to get your own free ticket to a one-on-one free singing or instrument class with Lee Music School are as follows:

1. Log on to and like our facebook page; also leave a comment to let us know you.

2. Log on to and make honest comments on at least 10 different posts.

3. Lastly, send us an email to let us know you are done and you are on your way to a free singing or instrument class lasting 45mins and worth N10, 000 or $50.

Hurry, fulfill your part and be on track to unlock the musical treasure in you!

Best of luck!

My Little Mozarts

If your kids have not registered for 2014 piano fun fiesta, then they would be missing out of a whole lot of fun. What are you still waiting for? Hurry! There's just a little time left before registrations are over. See you soon!

Come and Let Us Help You Quench Your Taste for Excellent Musicianship...

10 Reasons Why the 12 Keys should be Mastered

1. To be able to easily accompany any singer on any key.
2. Freedom to learn chord relationships.
3. It frees you from the 'transpose' button on an electronic keyboard.
4. Makes it easy to learn new songs.
5. It builds a player's confidence.
6. Adaptability to all genres of music.
7. Respect from your musical colleagues.
8. Ability to flow with a tone-deaf singer.
9. Every aspiring music director needs this skill.
10. Gives you a sense of achievement. The mastery of anything feels good.

So guys, keep working and your musical growth would be limitless! All the best!