Friday, 15 February 2013

Lifetime Opportunity for Few Select Teachers

Today I'm going to offer you something a little different, a little unique in our field of music teaching.

In almost every other professional field and sporting endeavor, coaching is a part of life.

I certainly have had over my life, and stil have now, numerous coaches in my life.

In a sporting team, there is always a coach who helps the players perform at their best.

Still today I have a coach, who keeps me on track with my relationship with God.

My point is this... Why shouldn't a music teacher have a coach?

That is why I'm offering something very unique, that we have never tried before, and it will only be offered as a trial this one time. If it works well, then I may offer it again at some point in the future, but it is definitely not going to be available all the time.

My offer today is this:
Place an order for the: SING LIKE A SUPERSTAR book and voice training CD. This goes for N4, 000 originally. But because you are in this group, you will get a N1, 000 discount! When you do this, you shall get a free coaching session.

All you need do is log on to and click on "join this site," so as to be able to get all the tips to be shared directly into your inbox.

Offer expires saturday 23rd February
Coaching will take place at any mutually convenient time in the next three months

I get paid very good fees for speaking and training teachers, and the only other way to get this kind of training with me personally is to attend a seminar where I may be speaking, which will cost you much. Even then, it would not be personalized to your needs, and we couldn't discuss your questions in detail, as there would be other people in the room. This call will be you and I, one on one. We will make a time to catch up on the phone at a mutually convenient time. We can even do it in the evening, so you can relax and make the most of the session.

I'm very happy to use this coaching session to help you with whatever challenges you are facing as a music teacher.

It is your session, so I'll be asking you in advance to think about what you'd like to get out of it.

Here are a few things that could be discussed in such a session:

Dealing with difficult behaviour management situations: getting students to pay attention even in the most difficult classes!

Getting over the 'tech' challenges that we face in the classroom.

How to edit and structure your lesson plans, so that you are maximising the effectiveness of your lessons

How to make the most boring of topics fun!

Getting and keeping the attention of the younger students. Strategies and tricks you can use to hold them in the palm of your hand.

What to do with that really difficult class you have every week.

(for studio teachers) Ideas to get the students to practice their instruments more, and how to inspire students to desperately want to come to lessons.

(for studio teachers who run their own businesses) Ideas on increasing your income and maintaining quality relationships with parents.

(for studio teachers who run their own businesses) How to do effective advertising for new students, and maximise the return.

Given that this is going to take my time personally, I can only offer a strictly limited number of these coaching sessions, and I'm only going to offer it for the next seven days.

I believe I really can help you. Not because I'm anything brilliant as a teacher, but because I'm in touch with music teachers worldwide, and I've spent the last fifteen years learning and growing. I've been there and done it before in the hardest schools you can imagine... and I've seen lots of things that work!

I would love to help you personally become a better teacher through this coaching program. So hurry and place your order. Log on to and click on "contact us."