Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Hi singers and music lovers,
In developing your voice for performance, there are four elements that make up a good practice routine. These are:
Physical Warm-up
Voice Warm-up
Song Study and
Cool Down.
It is advisable to budget your practice time proportionally so as to make the most out of your time and at the same time achieve you vocal aims.
I will share with you some physical warm-up tips. You can get the other details from our SING LIKE A SUPERSTAR BOOK. See the products icon for details on how to get your copy.
This 10-15 minutes tone up aims to help you warm up and relax the body prior to singing practice.
Please note: check with your doctor prior to attempting any of these exercises. Stand with your arms by your side, breath normally and keep the head and shoulders relaxed at all times.
Neck Release: Drop your chin to your chest. Imagine you are drawing a line on your chest with your chin; slowly move your chin to the left towards your shoulder. Reverse the direction to the right and then back down to the front (a complete cycle). Repeat this three times on the average.
Shoulder Release:  Raise your shoulders towards your head and slowly rotate them back, down and forward. Repeat five times and reverse the direction. Shake your arms out when done.
Full Body Roll-down: Bend forward from the waist and let your arms drop towards the floor. Slowly unfold the body and raise your arms above your head, stretching your arms upward, then out to the side, lowering them slowly back to their natural position. Repeat this three times on the average.
Rotation of the Upper Body: Stand in position with legs slightly apart and hands by the side. Inhale, hold your breath and rotate only your upper body left and exhale. Return back to position and repeat the process, moving right. While doing this exercise, endeavour to keep your back and shoulders relaxed. Repeat three times.
Rib Cage Stretch: Inhale, raise right arm and then curve your body left-wards. Then exhale. Return to position and repeat the exercise in the opposite direction. How do you feel? Try this a few more times.
To end this session, keep your head relaxed and facing forward. Open your mouth and take a yawn. Repeat twice. Inhale slowly and deeply but carefully to a count of 5. Exhale steadily to a count of 10. This is a “cool down” exercise.
This is the same thing all superstars worldwide do! Take out time to try these and you will be on the path to a better performance!
Do let me know how you are faring with these tips and if you have not registered for voice training, Now is the time. Contact LEE VOCAL STUDIOS.