Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Hi singers and music lovers,
In developing your voice for performance, there are four elements that make up a good practice routine. These are:
Physical Warm-up
Voice Warm-up
Song Study and
Cool Down.
It is advisable to budget your practice time proportionally so as to make the most out of your time and at the same time achieve you vocal aims.
I will share with you some physical warm-up tips. You can get the other details from our SING LIKE A SUPERSTAR BOOK. See the products icon for details on how to get your copy.
This 10-15 minutes tone up aims to help you warm up and relax the body prior to singing practice.
Please note: check with your doctor prior to attempting any of these exercises. Stand with your arms by your side, breath normally and keep the head and shoulders relaxed at all times.
Neck Release: Drop your chin to your chest. Imagine you are drawing a line on your chest with your chin; slowly move your chin to the left towards your shoulder. Reverse the direction to the right and then back down to the front (a complete cycle). Repeat this three times on the average.
Shoulder Release:  Raise your shoulders towards your head and slowly rotate them back, down and forward. Repeat five times and reverse the direction. Shake your arms out when done.
Full Body Roll-down: Bend forward from the waist and let your arms drop towards the floor. Slowly unfold the body and raise your arms above your head, stretching your arms upward, then out to the side, lowering them slowly back to their natural position. Repeat this three times on the average.
Rotation of the Upper Body: Stand in position with legs slightly apart and hands by the side. Inhale, hold your breath and rotate only your upper body left and exhale. Return back to position and repeat the process, moving right. While doing this exercise, endeavour to keep your back and shoulders relaxed. Repeat three times.
Rib Cage Stretch: Inhale, raise right arm and then curve your body left-wards. Then exhale. Return to position and repeat the exercise in the opposite direction. How do you feel? Try this a few more times.
To end this session, keep your head relaxed and facing forward. Open your mouth and take a yawn. Repeat twice. Inhale slowly and deeply but carefully to a count of 5. Exhale steadily to a count of 10. This is a “cool down” exercise.
This is the same thing all superstars worldwide do! Take out time to try these and you will be on the path to a better performance!
Do let me know how you are faring with these tips and if you have not registered for voice training, Now is the time. Contact LEE VOCAL STUDIOS.

Thursday, 24 November 2011


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All individual voice classes are private. Group classes can also be booked for. Individual classes are once a week, an hour per class and for duration of three months per level. The levels are: beginners, intermediate and advanced. Fee is determined after an interview and audition is done for the applicant.
Applicants going for auditions, tours, recording and performance can also register with us for professional grooming.
We usually have a singing workshop and performance opportunities for all students on the last Saturday of every month.

Voice lessons cover the following topics and more:
Breathing and breath control
Posture work
Vocal technique
Music theory
Ear training
Call and response exercises
Range expansion
Vowel and consonants
Diction exercises
Lip trill or tongue trill/ vocal fry
Filming and video playback to analyze performances
Vocal technique
Identifying head voice and falsetto
Legato singing
Staccato singing
Adding power to head voice and falsetto
Increasing chest voice range
Middle voice
Different vocal sounds
Chromatic scale
Piano playing etc

A student may be required to attend the voice lessons of other students, as learning from the mistakes of others is a valuable tool.
All applicants are required to pay a non-refundable fee of N1, 000 for registration and N30,000 for the three-month voice training course. The teacher will determine your level i.e beginner, intermediate or advanced. See contact for payment details.



Have you ever watched Mariah Careh hit those high notes spectacularly? Whitney Houston do those vocal runs? Michael Bolton scream beautifully? Are you in awe about how they produce their golden tones and  control their voices perfectly well? Do you sometimes wonder why their voices ring and your doesn’t?

Do you waste time and money thinking of how to achieve these elements of vocal freedom I have just mentioned? Here’s your last stop. Celebrity vocal coach, Laura Etemah or any of her associates can get you to your long awaited vocal destination. The little secret involved in understanding resonance and its application in singing will be thrown open to you within a few days of your training.

You will learn a lot about the mask. What do I mean by this? The mask consists of the hard parts of your articulatory system which includes the front teeth, soft and hard pallet, behind the nose and the eyes and even up through the back of the head where vibrations can be felt when a singer hits super-high notes. These are parts of your body where you feel strong vibrations when proper vocal attack is applied on the mask. This is what most voice teachers struggle to get across to their students. With proper attack, breath support is in balance, vocal cords are stabilized and the throat is in a relaxed state.

No matter your voice type, voice texture, style of music or range, you can achieve this. No matter what you sing with your voice, you only sound better and stronger. Voice attack from the mask helps singers develop a great range and a fantastic tone.

Let me conclude by bringing your attention to the fact that this placement cannot be forced to happen. You only strain you voice with the application of force. This is absolutely unnecessary. You cannot achieve this feat by trial and error. Everything has already been made easy for you by my SING LIKE A SUPERSTAR book and instructional CD. Both of which contain specific exercises and information that will teach you how to achieve mask placement.

All you have to do is give us a call for directions on how you will get your copy. See contact for more details.


From my 10 years of involvement with singers, I have been able to identify three different ways by which singers take up their learning process. The most common way is by listening to the recorded works of virtuoso singers and singing along without the direction of a vocal coach. I do not support this type of learning because it can be injurious to the voice. A beginner who does not have a good grasp of the fundamentals of singing, breathing techniques, vocal techniques, vocal anatomy, and good musical ears cannot benefit from this method of learning because it  could compound already existing singing issues by singing with bad technique. You may pick the wrong material and strain your voice on the high notes or even experience inconsistencies with your voice on the long run.

Another trial and error method employed by a different  group of singers is applying vocal technique instructions given by an inexperienced voice teacher. This is a bit better than what the first-group singers do. The danger here is that a singer could try to mimic a star artiste with the wrong vocal placement (bad attack). Though this method can sometimes work, the long-term effect is that one experiences voice deterioration which leads to diminished courage in one’s ability.

 I have come to discover that the most reliable way to learn how to sing is first of all get a good vocal teacher who will teach you how to get your sound into the cavities in your head. Most singers are surprised to know that they have cavities in their head because they think the human head is a solid mass. These cavities are invaluable in every singer’s career. If you can learn to use your mask to beautify your sound, then you are not too far from your goal. This is what brings about vocal release, a sweet sensation you get when singing with proper technique.

At Lee Vocal Studios, the best and independent voice training and Music school in Lagos, Nigeria you will be taught how to assume the specific body configuration that will enable you achieve that forward placement into your mask which most voice teachers have not been able to achieve with their students. It’s not all about singing scales and making weird sounds; though these have their own purpose in a student’s vocal development. The number one celebrity vocal coach in Nigeria will help you through the specific things you need to learn that will give you the winning vocal placement within a few days of study in the vocal studio. You will experience a sudden release in your voice. This is otherwise known as vocal freedom.

So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to discover the amazing voice inside of you and achieve so much more with your voice, be you a solo artiste, band singer, choir member, Music director, voice teacher, recording artiste, back-up singer or rap artiste. At Lee Vocal Studios, we welcome singer of all musical styles.