Tuesday, 14 November 2017

What is Stopping You from Singing with the Voice of Your Soul?

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Wednesday, 1 November 2017


I am thanking God for His mercies, guidance, love, protection and blessings. I am +1 today and it is by his special grace! I am grateful to all who have contributed to this beautiful life from the start to this point, most especially to my lovely family and beautiful friends - God bless you all richly! Happy birthday to me!

Community development through music has always been my passion; hence to mark my birthday celebration, I have decided to personally give the first 50 lucky people (Lagos residents) to drop their WhatsApp numbers in the comment box a FREE voice training masterclass. This masterclass will end in a concert where the singers will be given a platform to showcase their talents.

The date, time and venue will be communicated via WhatsApp to the lucky 50. 


Friday, 27 October 2017



Who is a music producer? A music producer is a one who carries many feathers on his head. One who is musically sound. One who is multi-talented and mostly a multi-instrumentalist. Sometimes, a vocalist. Do you really want to become a music producer? This is not a job for the lazy at all. On top of it all, your knowledge of music has got to be epic! As a music producer, you are expected to be able to oversee the entire music production project which certainly demands that you possess the following skills:
*Song writing
*Music directing
*Performance and voice instructor
*Artiste management
*Promoting and bunch of business skills!

More recently, more is demanded from a music producer as he/ she has to put in optimum effort to ensure for the all-round success of the artiste. Indeed as the saying goes, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. The producer is the king/ queen of any music production project and the outcome of the producer’s input will determine the extent of the success of the project.
Still on the producer’s skill set, I discovered during my training in the United Kingdom for my Masters in music production at Leeds Beckett University, (by the way, I am the very first African woman to obtain a Masters in this field – bragging rights…lol), the requirement of a good knowledge of music theory is also paramount. You have also got to be a good scientist! You would be dealing with sound waves and their effects, which is an aspect of Physics, a most dreaded secondary school subject! Let me not cause a scare here. Lol. Physics is actually not difficult. It’s just like any other subject. Once you study well, you will get a grip of it.
Ok, so back to the producer’s skill set. As a wannabe producer, you must be ready to sit in one place for long hours. I remember spending two nights at my school’s studio during my final project. You should also be a good negotiator, as you may even find yourself lobbying for shows for your artiste. Most producers in Nigeria, take the game further by learning to mix and master. I am sure a lot of you here are good at this. This is just the reality of things in Nigeria. Although in very big projects with hefty sponsorship, experts in other fields are brought in for a highly professional touch.
Let me use myself as an example. I am also a singing teacher, artiste groomer and performance instructor. I gained different experiences at different stages of my life. I function more as a vocal coach these days because more and more artiste are getting to find out about that ‘Vocal Coach’ who just landed from the UK. So I have worked with three artistes who are doing pretty much well now: Dee – Z, Stephanie Ghaida and King Bernard. They all took voice lessons with me amongst countless other singers as can be seen from my social media handles.
A producer’s work is indeed huge, tasking but interesting and fulfilling. Do you want to make it big as a producer in Nigeria? You need to get ready to unlearn and relearn. The job is highly professional, therefore, you need patience, determination, hardwork, consistency and persistence to pull through.
This is the way to go if you want to become a successful Naija made music producer:

*Enroll to study music: It is shocking that up till date our tertiary institutions do not offer music production as a course despite the proliferation of music producers and studios in the country. But not to worry, all you need do is hook up with local music schools like Lee Ellie Music School, Tenstrings Music School and others, to get trained in singing and keyboard playing (you need this knowledge badly); plus any other musical instrument that interests you. Also enroll to learn some music theory. You won’t regret this at all. Take a course in songwriting if you can. Then, most importantly, enroll for the music production course proper. At Lee Ellie Music School, you can cover the course between 4 – 6 months but you need to have your own set up at home for personal development and to carry out your assignments. You can also seek outside the shores of Nigeria for this training, just like I did.

Ensure you are copyright protected: You want to ensure that you register with a copyright organization to protect your intellectual property. Your personal work which sprung out from you creative efforts must not be left without protection as it has the capacity, ability or potential to earn you serious money. We have the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) which you can join for free by supplying a few requirements like photos, valid identity card and filled application form. This will ensure that you receive royalties and your work does not get stolen. COSON will take a list of your work and negotiate your earnings from them on your behalf.

Set up a recording studio: A studio is the hub for recording activities and a reference point people associate with the professionals in the industry; so you want to invest in setting up one, even if it means starting small. As you improve in your skills, you will attract the big shots and that will facilitate the expansion that you have always dreamed of. Don’t wait for anyone to validate you! Start a studio. The experts you see today were once beginners.

Show up in music industry events: If you are not social, you will find it quite challenging to achieve your aims as a music producers. You need to hangout where the artistes are so that you can be relevant. You must be actively involved in contests, live shows, parties, etc., where you could meet top players in the industry, who can avail you the connections and exposure you need to make it in the business. Print a business card and have it handy as you socialize. You never can tell who you might come across!

Be active on social media: I cannot over emphasize the importance of social media. It is a very important ingredient in the mix of requirements. Open a Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Soundcloud and the list is almost endless! Pick a few of them that serves your purpose and connect to the world with them. Post your studio activities for potential clients to see. Upload your music and make money online also.

What do music producers really do? Producers have multiple roles that may include but not limited to:
§  Artiste grooming and management
§  Coordinating recording sessions
§  Promoting the musician and music produced.
§  Signing an artist to a record label.
§  Manning project logistics and budgets
§  Putting ideas together for the success of the project
§  Selecting songs for a recording project
§  Promotion of artiste and music
§  Recruiting session musicians
§  Coaching and guiding the artiste in the studio for excellent vocal delivery
§  Supervising the entire recording project from song writing/ arrangement to final mix

Is music production a profitable profession?
In Nigeria for example, the number of music producers that have emerged in the last 20 years have really proved to show that our music industry is buzzing with money-producing activities. So many music schools are opening up music production departments following the huge success achieved by big names in the industry like Don Jazzy, Sarz, Masterkraft, Cobhams Asuquo, and Wole Oni.
More and more youngsters are emerging and enrolling for music production education. You can only imagine the number of studios springing up daily. This is a huge sign that the music production industry in Nigeria is a big earner! So in what ways do music producers earn? What do they do to attract all the bank-breaking amount of monies we read and hear about? Read on.

They make beats, instrumentals and sound tracks for artistes, movies makers and companies.

They hire their studios to bands and artistes for rehearsals and recording sessions.

They receive royalties for the online download of their works.

They sign on artistes to their record labels and receive commissions from record sales.

They receive a percentage of income from gig deals of their artistes.

They receive money for being brand ambassadors to big companies.

When invited for a live show, they are paid for appearances.

Most of them are judges for music competitions. They also make money through this means.

Some producers run a music production academy where they teach for a fee.

Depending on their expertise, according to world statistics, well recognized producers earn up to N10,000,000 (ten million naira) a month!

In conclusion, it is not at all difficult to become a producer in Nigeria. It only demands that you have an insane love for music and sound. You also need to develop good musical ears and multiple musical skills. You will also need a little bit of audio engineering training. You also need to develop social and diplomatic skills as you may be dealing with a lot of people and companies. Computer, IT and Internet skills are a must! To really succeed in the business of music production, your patience must be really patient and your passion for music has to generate the kind of heat that can be felt by anyone who comes around your space! And lastly, remember, it is not like the 9-5 kind of work, you have to be ready to put in your best round the clock! Consistency, skills development and the right connections will bring the molla for you!

If you need guidance on how to become a music producer or on how to develop your music production skills, drop a comment below. Also if you want to hang out with other Nigerian music producers, and exchange skills and knowledge, send a request to join them in this group:

Laura Etemah
Music Producer/ Vocal Coach/ Performance instructor/ Music teacher/ Star Quest winner, 2006.

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Thursday, 26 October 2017


Hello singers!

I hope you are all doing great. I want to address a particular vocal issue that poses a challenge to a majority of singers – VOICE CRACK.
Do you experience voice crack when you sing? Especially when you want to hit those top notes? I understand how embarrassing this could be especially when you are right in the middle of a song on stage! I went through this when I just started out singing and I almost gave up on my talent because of this. Lol

I will share with you 4 powerful exercises that will address this issue once and for all. But take note: if these exercises don’t help smoothen out your voice, then you may need to seek medical help; as it could be as a result of a medical condition. But overall, these exercises have help countless singers solve a bunch of singing challenges.

So back to business, I call these exercises the SIREN and if you are a subscriber to my YouTube page, you would have seen me demonstrate them.

Among the causes of vocal cracks are:

·         Pulling up chest voice
·         Not warming up properly before you sing
·         Too much tension in your body
·         Not enough airflow coming through your instrument as you sing
·         Improper vocal placement
·         Lack of rest, dehydration and poor diet

Now to deal with the demons of vocal cracks, find a secluded place where you can freely make some noise because these exercises could sound weird to neighbours. During my university days, I used to leave my residential area to an open field to do my vocal exercises. This gave me the freedom to top up my volume whenever I wanted, without worrying about disturbing anyone.

I use these exercises particularly if I haven’t sung for a while because the voice does get out of shape due to under-use; the same way an athlete needs to exercise to bring their muscles back in shape if they haven’t done so in a while.

As mentioned earlier, you want to sound these exercises like a siren.

1.      The Lip Rolls
2.      The Tongue Trills
3.      The ‘weee’ sound (you could also use the ‘a’sound, to shift back resonance where it is more likely to crack) and
4.      The Yawn

Watch this viral video that shows demonstrations of these 4 powerful exercises:

While doing these exercises, you want to concentrate for a while on the area of your voice where the crack is prominent, until it smoothens up.

Really, cracking shouldn’t scare you. The more you think about it while performing, the more you are likely to crack. So make it a point of duty to keep a positive mind while performing. I usually advise singers to first of all see themselves perform their songs brilliantly in their mind’s eye before ever getting on stage. This gives you great courage, confidence and motivation to pull off your performance like the star that you are! 

Try these exercises and let me know how they work for you in the comment box. Also ask me any questions you might have concerning your vocal development. I will be glad to help you overcome whatever challenges might be hindering you from singing at your best.

Once again, watch the demonstrations here, share and subscribe to my channel if you would like more tips to help you overcome all your singing challenges:

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Enjoy the rest of the week! 

Yours musically

Laura Etemah

Wednesday, 25 October 2017


As a singing coach I have come to discover that singing high notes is the dread of most singers. There is this weird feeling that comes with the concept of singing high notes. It puts the majority of singers on their toes and they are locked in this air of panic. I recently published a book. 'Overcoming Your Singing Challenges' which is available on Amazon through this link: and I did a book tour via Facebook live video to let people know the geography of my book and how they could benefit from it. The response was awesome!

You can watch here:

Back on track, I asked people to write down their singing challenges in the comment box and I noticed that a lot of people complained about their inabilities to sing high notes. Some said they could do it but with a lot of strain.

Now, if there is something you get out of this post, let it be this: Singing should never stress or hurt you. Singing should be comfortable. So whenever you sing and you feel pain, know that you are doing something incorrectly.

One of the main reasons why people get stuck while trying to sing high notes is lack of abdominal support, breath and preparation. Sit ups will help to build the abdominal muscle. As regards breath, there are a couple of exercises shared in my video that will help. Watch here:

As regards to preparation, the singer ought to learn to prepare for the high notes physically and mentally. Don't wait till it is time to sing it before you make a move. Here are the points to note:

1. Imagine that you are already at the note before you sing it. Here you need to engage your mind in such a way that it brings you the desired results. Imagery helps singers a lot; so use it as much as possible. Furthermore, you want to open up your face (I am going to teach about this in my next video) in order to facilitate resonance or vocal placement. Sound travels up the head the same way notes go up a scale. So you need to space up your head to be able to reach higher pitches. Opening up the mouth and lifting the soft palate are also very key to singing high notes.

2. The next thing you want to do to ensure that you sing high notes without strain is to prepare the space in your head when singing the low notes preceding the high note. This ensures that you do not crack when going up; it and takes away the panic associated with high notes. This is as good as preparing for an exam early enough such that you don't have to read in anxiety through the night before the exam.

3. The third direction for singing high notes without strain is to think downwards while vocalizing upwards. This takes your attention away from the throat, eliminating any potential tension around the throat and face; thereby creating the freedom and power you need to pull off the high note.

Some singers scrunch their faces when singing high notes. Although the majority of them succeed in singing the note, it doesn't come out as powerfully as it should; as with a stretched and spaced out face, open mouth and dropped jaw.

So you see, high notes are really not scary, you only need to change your perception about them and ensure you adequately prepare for them.

Do you have any singing challenge you would like to tell me about? Write it in the comment box below and I would help you get over it.

Are you interested in taking voice lessons with me but live outside Lagos-Nigeria? Join my Facebook group, Vocal Champion Mastermind VIP via this link:

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See you sometime soon again,

Vocal Coach/ Performance Instructor
Laura Etemah 

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Do You Want to Sing like a Superstar? Join Laura Etemah Tomorrow on Facebook for a Live Masterclass!

I will be going LIVE on the Lee Ellie Music School Page ( tomorrow by 12pm to run a tour of my ebook OVERCOMING YOUR SINGING CHALLENGES. 

You can get your copy from Amazon here: 

I will also be addressing all your singing challenges in a question-and-answer session and show you tips to help you develop a STAR quality voice. Do invite your friends who have a passion for music but do not know how to launch into the business of their talents. Also share this post to alert others. 

If you have any challenges with your singing skills, now is the time to resolve them all! Get your pens and papers ready. YOUR VOICE MUST BE HEARD!