Sunday, 31 December 2017


The year 2017 has finally come to an end and I want to congratulate you for being awesome! What are your music career plans for 2018? Writing them down helps you to know what next to do and this forces you to see your goals from the end to the beginning. It also empowers you to focus on one goal at a time.

Write down your 2018 music career goals in the comment section. I look forward to helping you achieve them ALL!

Get ready to slay 2018 like a legend!

Laura Etemah

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Hello Ladies! Get Ready to Show Off Your Singing Skills!

What's happening in the VOCAL CHAMPION MASTERMIND VIP group on Facebook? Have you joined the hottest Facebook group based in Lagos-Nigeria, that gives you the opportunity to learn to sing like a pro?

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Hello ladies, it's your time to slay! I believe in you! Give it your best shot. 5 winners will get a scholarship to attend my Voice Training Masterclass in January, 2018 (online singing class). You have the opportunity to pick your favourite female singer and do the song title attached to her picture. i.e Adel - Rolling in the Deep, Beyonce - Irreplacable, Rihanna - Take a Bow.

Do a video of yourself singing to a karaoke track and post in the Vocal Champion Mastermind VIP group on Facebook. Here is the link to join again:

Good luck girls!

Thursday, 14 December 2017


Hi Vocalists!

I just wrapped up a lesson with a new singer that was just sent to me from a record label on the Lagos Island. She had initially recorded her single but needed to revamp her voice which has been acting up as a result of underuse and inappropriate dieting habits. (As a singer, you really want to be careful with what goes into your mouth).

This was her first lesson and she was WOWED by the ease with which she was finally able to reach those high and tasking notes in her latest single. Not only that, she was literally out singing her own recording!

Now, this is a typical reaction from new students and even clients I’ve taught for years. I am in the business of vocal transformations so, I was not surprised at how quickly she grew in the first lesson. And I told her…this is ONLY the beginning!

I write to you today to explain WHY it’s just the beginning after only one lesson. Some artistes want to book just one voice training class and hop off to a concert or to the studio. I discourage this a lot because it is not professional. Your voice does not get an adequate workout in just one session. One session is not going to bring you the goods! I usually recommend a package of at least five to ten sessions, where we can easily make a solid plan to help you reach your goals – whether in performance or recording.

For clarity, let me break it down a bit more. When a student takes his/her first vocal lesson, it is strictly diagnostic – a voice check. Sure, you’re going to sing a little and you’ll work on different scales and exercises, but I am mainly listening to your voice and assessing your skill level. The intention is to make a PLAN to fit your vocal needs so that you can be fast-tracked to reaching your goals! 

So, if the first lesson is limited to diagnostic research into who you are as a singer, you may be thinking what happens in the second lesson? 

In the second lesson you will receive an incredible daily workout for your voice that you can record onto your phone during the lesson. This is the perfect tool for implementing daily vocal exercises. 

BUT…..I am not just a vocal coach. I am an ‘Artiste Groomer’ and this is where the real value of my program comes into play.  This is typically introduced in the third lesson of the package.

If you are an artist or at least, an aspiring one and serious about developing your craft; if you are looking for record label attention, or for a way to set yourself apart from all of the other singers, then you HAVE to be artistically AND stylistically unique in this industry. 

So, if you haven’t moved past the first two lessons, you are missing out on a whole new world of vocal knowledge and development! And the KEY to making you INTERESTING and ALLURING to your audience and perhaps even a record label or a music manager.

To take voice lessons with Laura Etemah, here is the process:

Tell me about your musical background, why you want to sing and what you want to achieve with my lessons. Also mention any singing challenges you might be having. All these are done through WhatsApp using 08137107137.

     Book a 30-minute diagnostic (voice test/check) session. Contact 08137107137 (WhatsApp) for booking fees and account details.

3    Booking your session automatically qualifies you to get a free copy of the ebook, Overcoming Your Singing Challenges by Laura Etemah, which will be sent to your email for download.

     Choose day and time for your session. Come prepared to sing three of your favourite songs.
     During your session, your musicality will be assessed. Your singing technique will be checked and you will be given a report on your skill level and advice on further development.

Are you ready to take on the journey to your vocal transformation? Are you ready to slay that song? Are you ready to drop that hit track? Are you ready to become the next big thing in the world’s music scene? Contact 08137107137 (WhatsApp) today and we will help you chart your course to mega stardom!

For free singing lessons, join my Facebook group, the Vocal Champion Mastermind VIP here:

To your success,

Laura Etemah


Wednesday, 13 December 2017

What are Your Singing Challenges? Comment and Get Help Asap!

A beautiful voice doesn't just happen by magic. Ask your choirmaster! A star quality voice is as a result of daily practice of scales, songs, arpeggios, great discipline - investments of time and money. How many video challenges have you posted to the Vocal Champion Mastermind group on facebook? How many posts have you engaged with? Have you got a copy of the ebook - Ovecoming Your Singing Challenges? Have you downloaded, watched and listened to the free audios and videos posted here? How much time have you invested in developing your singing talent? These and many more are questions you should reflect on as you plan for your grand entry into 2018! Write your singing challenges in the comment box and I will help you get rid of them. Have a great day!

This Story Will Marvel You! Hear what Omotola has to say after reading this wonderful ebook by Laura Etemah

I am so full of joy coupled with great enthusiasm because of this great book. There are so many secrets in this book hidden like mysteries for you to figure out. I have done lots of researches in the past but my vocal hunger has not been satisfied. I got to a point in my singing career where I thought I had arrived. But then I met my new Vocal Coach, Laura Etemah, and read her book, Overcoming Your Singing Challenges. Afterwards, I realized that even though I knew much, there is still so much more to learn. Laura Etemah opened my musical understanding and showed me that singing goes much deeper than just the voice. There are other faculties that need to be activated before singing can be successful. You will find these in the book. I am happy now because I have a better and deeper understanding that the voice is just a part of the singing matrix - your thoughts and feelings do matter! They make or break your performance. I am really blessed by this book. Finally my puzzle of being a great singer has been solved. I urge everyone to get a copy of this book because it will help you take your singing career to the next level... I am so proud of Laura Etemah and her good works. God bless you for making Nigeria proud.

                                                                    - Omotola

It's not just about reading a book. It's about being able to locate the diamonds scattered in the book and putting them to good use. What do you think about Omotola's review? Comment 'YES' if you would like to read the first chapter of the book for FREE!

Tuesday, 12 December 2017


Hello There, I am Laura Etemah, Nigeria's celebrity vocal coach/ singing instructor. I want to appreciate you all for the incredible response to my voice training video see below:

In January 2018, something fresh and exciting will be coming your way from Lee Vocal Studios. Shall I let the cat out the bag? I also cannot wait!

Here's some good news for you. I will be sharing 5 of my biggest singing secrets in a series of masterclass videos that I will be posting to the Vocal Champion Mastermind VIP group on Facebook. 

The first secret is a basic tip that will miraculously take off all the strain, tension and tightness in your throat and usher you into a total vocal release that will blow your mind! It took me almost ages to discover this secret. But I will be sharing this with you on a platter of gold!

You don't want to miss this great chance of singing like the superstar you have always wanted to be. Now is your time to slay! 

To register for this masterclass call or WhatsApp +2348137107137.

To you new found beautiful voice,